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Axosoft Integration

Axosoft is an agile project management and bug tracking system. You can get your Git, Subversion & Mercurial repository changes listed under defects, user stories, tasks and incidents.

Enabling Axosoft Integration

  • Head to your Axosoft account
  • Open the Tools menu and navigate to Source Control Types under Other Settings

Axosoft Tools Menu

  • Click the Add button

Axosoft Manage Source Control

  • Click Generate to generate a new API key and copy it down to use it on XP-Dev.com later on
  • Fill the form with necessary data and save it:
    • Source Control Type: A name that you will choose, will be used to refer to the XP-Dev.com repository being integrated.
    • The following mappings under Advanced Mappings needs to be exactly the same:
      • ID: id
      • URL: url
      • Files: files
      • File URL: url
      • User login: author.user
      • User URL: Leave this field blank
      • Commits: commits
      • Message: message
      • Timestamp: timestamp
      • File display name: path
      • File action: action
      • User display name: author.userdisplay
      • User email: Leave this field blank

Axosoft SCM Mapping

  • Head over to your XP-Dev.com project's Repository tab
  • Click on the repository that you'd like to integrate Axosoft with
  • Head to the Integrations sub-tab of your repository

Repository's Integration Tab

Under the Add a New Integration form:

  • Select Axosoft as the integration
  • Click on Add

Repository Integration Add Form

  • Enter your Axosoft Account URL (normally in the format https://<account>.axosoft.com)
  • Enter the API Key that you've generated on Axosoft
  • Click on Save

Axosoft Integration Form

You can use specially formatted Axosoft tags in your commit messages to link your commits to corresponding Axosoft items. The required format is as follows:

[axox: id# (wl: n timeunit)]
  • Where the x in axox can be:
    • d for defects (axod)
    • f for user stories (features) (axof)
    • t for custom items (tasks) (axot)
    • i for incidents (axoi)
Note that these letters (d,f,t,i) do not change even if you've renamed the item types in Axosoft.
  • id# is the Axosoft item ID
  • wl: n timeunit is optional and will add a work log entry to the item

    • n needs to be a non-negative real number
    • timeunit is a valid time unit that is used in your Axosoft installation, either fully spelled or abbreviated with respect to your Axosoft time unit list type configuration
  • A few examples of valid tags (assuming you have hours as a time unit in Axosoft and its abbreviated spelling is “hrs”):

    [axod: 45]
    [axof: 2]
    [axof: 823 wl: 5 hours]
    [axot: 92 wl: 8.3 hrs]
    [axoi: srx0091]

Whenever you commit/push changes to your XP-Dev.com repository, an item containing the commit details is created under the tab with your repository name (the one you've provided to Axosoft while creating the integration)

Axosoft Commit View

Disabling Axosoft Integration

  • Head over to your XP-Dev.com project's Repository tab
  • Click on the repository that has been integrated with Axosoft
  • Head to the Integrations sub-tab of your repository
  • Click on Delete Integration next to your Axosoft Integration

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.