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XP-Dev.com offers enterprise grade Subversion Hosting, Git Hosting, Mercurial Hosting, Trac Hosting and Project Hosting in multiple locations worldwide on servers with SSD based storage, with chock-full of features, unparalleled reliability & high grade security

We do not impose silly limits on number of projects or users you can have on your account. You only pay for the storage space you use.

And our plans are cheap! They start at $5/month only, and all annual payments get a 20% discount:


Plan Name






Trac Projects




SSD Storage & multiple locations


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Enterprise Small



Enterprise Medium



- feature included in pricing plan

- unlimited

XP-Dev.com Dedicated Instance

Get your own dedicated instance of XP-Dev.com

  • Your own branded URL (mydomain.mycompany.com)
  • Run your own custom applications
  • Run Continuous Integration Servers (CruiseControl, Jenkins, etc)
  • Worldwide server locations
  • Advanced Security Settings
  • From $25/month for 15GB of space
  • More space
  • And much, much more ...

Explore XP-Dev.com Dedicated Instance Plans

All subscription plans come with these features bundled in:


  • Unlimited Subversion, Git & Mercurial repositories
  • WebDAV access for Subversion repositories
  • Integration with external tools & project/issue tracking solutions:
    • For e.g. Basecamp, Fogbugz, Lighthouse, Rally, DoneDone, Twitter
  • Import & Export repositories at anytime
  • IP based access restrictions
  • Unthrottled, fast repository upload & download speeds
  • Available in multiple locations worldwide on servers with SSD based storage
  • Branch based permissions for Git and Mercurial repositories
  • Path based permissions for Subversion repositories

Security & Reliability

  • SSL/SSH secure access to all projects & repositories
  • Raid 10 Storage
  • Nightly off-site backups
  • Fully redundant RAID1 servers


  • Unlimited Trac projects & plugins
  • Full featured integrated project tracking solution:
    • Iterations, Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Forums, Wiki pages, Blogs, Search Filters
  • No advertisements
  • Unlimited file attachments
  • Developer API
  • Available in multiple locations worldwide on servers with SSD based storage

Optional Add-on:

Real-time backups to Amazon S3 for Git, Mercurial and Subversion Repositories: $2/month

Head to your Amazon S3 Backup Administration page to enable this add-on

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  2. Upgrade your account to benefit from all the features above

Need some help deciding with plan is right for you ?

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All payments are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.

We do not want your money if you're not happy with our service!

We use Paypal to process payments. No credit card details are stored on XP-Dev.com systems

When payments are made, you will see the line PAYPAL *XP DEV in your bank/credit card statement

Paypal accepts most major credit cards, and you do not need a Paypal account to pay for your XP-Dev.com subscription