Version 4.22 Update

Posted by rs picture rs on Thu 01 Oct, 2009 14:09:18 +0000

A new release has been made to

Search Filters

Search filters are an easy way to create views of your project tracking data, namely iterations, stories, tasks and bugs. It was implemented due to a horde of you out there who had been upset that the new platform did not have an easy way to see all open bugs and stories. And all of you were spot on — hopefully this feature will take away some of that pain.

The documentation site has been updated with all the details on how to get going with these filters :

Free account holders can create up to 4 filters per project. Paid account holders do not have this restriction.

RSS feeds for Blogs and Public Repositories

RSS (news) feeds for blogs and public repositories have been added back. They were dropped in the platform upgrade due to time constraints.

Click here to subscribe to’s Blog RSS feed

Small Bugfixes

A couple bug fixes:

  • Improved stability of the online Subversion browser’s “diff” capabilities
  • Fixed all account size quota that were displayed on your accounts page

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