2016 Platform Launch - Global Repositories and SSD Storage

Posted by rs picture rs on Tue 12 Apr, 2016 10:13:58 +0000

About a month ago (in March 2016) we did a soft launch on a new platform that we have been working on for months.

The new platform is a large infrastructure revamp, and has plenty of benefits. The biggest one is that you can have your projects and repositories in multiple locations worldwide on faster servers that have SSD storage.

To learn more about our new platform, you can head over to our platform release notes:


Additionally, you get your own base URL such as https://company.xp-dev.com where you can manage your own project, repository and user namespace. We even revamped our user administration, permissions and access level control, which is documented over on:


We have begun moving users over to the new platform, and we’ll contact you directly to plan a migration time slot in the coming weeks. However, if you’d like to migrate sooner, then please do just get in touch.

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