Stories, Tasks and Bugs

Posted by rs picture rs on Tue 03 Mar, 2009 05:23:19 +0000

I do realise that I have been postponing the elusive wiki guide on using as a full agile development tool, and I do appologise for that.

So, to kick off the article trail, I’ve written some short notes on what I think Stories, Tasks and Bugs mean in Here is the wiki article.

However, this article (and future ones) are only guidelines – you are free to decide on how you’d like to use

For example, KeyKeeper uses Bugs as a general TODO list. I on the other hand a “personal” project in and use the wiki to share ideas and information with my significant other.

I would love to hear some feedback on the article. Do put your comments on entry, or drop a note in the forums, or just raise a support ticket.

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