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Posted by rs picture rs on Thu 12 Nov, 2009 16:08:42 +0000

There are a number of you out there who have been asking for Trac hosting on for the longest time, and have been waiting patiently. Well, you don’t have to wait any longer! Trac hosting on has just been released.

To get started, just head over to your projects page and create a Trac project. If you want to get the full instructions with screenshots, just head over to the documentation page which even explains how to add and remove users, as well as getting a Subversion repository setup for your Trac project:

All hosted Trac project have full integration with Subversion repositories, including using smart commit messages to link changesets with Trac tickets and even update the tickets themselves.

Additionally, a number of plugins are installed and enabled for each Trac project (full info on the documentation page), and if you’d like to have your favourite plugin installed, just raise a support ticket and I’ll see when it can be slipped in.

Feedback as usual will be appreciated! Just drop a comment below, or raise a support ticket

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rs on Sun 22 Nov, 2009

@ccdm Last I checked it worked – do raise a support ticket with the details of your repository

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rs on Mon 23 Nov, 2009

@ccdm my bad – that should be fixed now


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rs on Sun 23 Jan, 2011

@jogrimst – it should work, please do raise a support ticket if it does not


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