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Posted by rs picture rs on Thu 29 Oct, 2009 15:01:04 +0000

Here come another bunch of new features from your favorite Subversion Hosting provider.

Backups, Backups and more Backups!

Real-time backups for paid accounts have been around for a while, and with this release, all paid plans will have an additional off-site backup for FREE. Off-site backups are encrypted and then sent away every night.

So, right now, users on paid plans have double protection in case anything goes wrong (kind like wearing two safety goggles while drilling a hole in a wall):

  • Real-time backups to your slave server (which is an entirely different physical server, in an entirely different datacenter)
  • Nightly off-site backups.

Amazon S3 Backups

All users (free and paid) can now backup their repositories in real-time to Amazon S3, and only costs $2/month ($19.20/year). The backups will be sent to an S3 bucket thats owned by you, so Amazon will charge you for using their service.

This is extremely useful for Free account holders, who in the past never had any backups.

To configure your account for sending backups to Amazon S3, just head over to the configuration panel and put in your AWS access key and secret key. does not store any of these keys, and instead will setup the permissions on the bucket you provide such that the “” AWS user can write objects to it. All backup objects will the the appropriate permissions set on them so that you can read and write them as well.

Additionally, I have written a bunch of command line Python scripts to retrieve these backups at your own leisure. The project wiki homepage will be updated with more details, but for the eager, you can checkout the sources from:

For more details on these backups, head over the new feature page for backups or have a look at the documentation

Recurring Payments

Support for recurring payments have been added in to save you the trouble of manually paying every month. You can still pay manually if you’d like that. To use recurring payments, just click on the Subscribe button when you’re upgrading your account or paying your next installment.

New Pricing Page

The pricing page used to be an utter mess and I decided that it was time to use a tabulated form so that its easier to compare the available packages and features. So, here you go:

Feedback is always welcome. Do raise a "support ticket:/support or just leave a comment below.

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