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Market Engine Wiki

Welcome to the Market Engine wiki, where the documentation of the Market Engine project is stored for collaboration. The Market Engine is developed using "Agile Model Driven Development." This process involves less documentation then a traditionalist approach to development. The development occurs in several iterations, each one involving both documentation and code. As the project continues through iteration more and more documentation will populate this wiki. More important then the documentation will be the models that begin to populate the wiki as well.

Project Management Documentation

Project Roles

Project Lifecycle

Initial Requirements Envisioning

Feature List - Represents the usage model for the system

Domain Model - A model of all high level objects in the domain and their relationship

Class Model - A model of all high level objects displayed in a class relationship

Data Schematic - A model of the tables in the database

System Rules - These are guidelines and restrictions the implementation must follow

Initial Architectural Envisioning

Data Architecture - A comprehensive data architecture, from Database to Data Structures