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Welcome to JRunner Wiki

JRunner is an application/directory launcher based on motion gesture. This means that you just have to draw something to launch the corresponding application/directory.
This application was written in Java as a University Project for Object-Oriented Programming for the University of Strasbourg.

We are three to maintain this application : brghost, garay and Simeonn.
If you have any suggestion or bug, just let us know : Create a ticket and select the appropriated type.

The JRunner Team


11/05/2010 : The 1.1 jar is released. (see : /tags/jrunner-1.1.jar)
05/05/2010 : The 1.0 jar is released.
03/05/2010 : 1.0 released and open source



At the first boot, the application will ask you to select the language you want to use (it is possible to change it afterward).

For the moment, you can create, remove and update launchers with a simple-to-use interface.
At the creation of the launcher (or when updating it), the program will create a list of points that you'll be able to show to remember how to call this launcher.
When you want to remove a launcher, the program will automatically remove the picture from your hard drive.

As we wanted some fun, we added the possibility to select the color you want to use for your draw.

Features to come

For the moment, we would like to add :

  1. More language
  2. New layout for the program* (done)
  3. The ability to backup/restore settings* (done)
  4. The ability to select the precision of the draw* (done)
  • : will be in the next milestone

How To

In order to know how to use the program, we invite you to follow this link


For the moment, we don't have a FAQ but feel free to add some questions/answers to it here