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How To

This section will help you though the use of JRunner

Creating a new Launcher

Creating a new launcher is really easy. You have 4 steps to do it :

  1. Extend the interface (with Ctrl+E or File->Extend)
  2. Click on Open... and select a directory or file, or enter it's address in the text field at the bottom
  3. Drag the image you want to use on the left
  4. Click on Save

If the code of the image you've drawn is already in use, the program won't do anything unless you draw another picture.
If the path is already in use, the program will ask you if you want to update the code for the path or not.
To use the launcher, simply un-extend the interface with Ctrl+E or File->Extend.

Removing a launcher

If you want to remove a launcher, be sure the interface is extended.
Once done, select the launcher you wan't to remove in the ComboBox and click on Remove.
That's it!

Calling a launcher

In order to call a launcher, be sure the interface is un-extended.
Once done, draw a picture in the program. If the correct code is find, the program will launch the associated path. Otherwise, it will try to launch the program associated with the nearest code.

Changing language

If you want to change the language of the interface, simply open the JRunner menu and click on Language (or the 3rd element of the menu if you don't understand the current language, or simply Ctrl+L).
There, you can select the new language you want to use. Remember to restart the application for the changes to take effet!

Key Shortcut

Here is the list :

  • Extend the interface : Ctrl+E
  • Always On Top : Ctrl+A
  • Change language : Ctrl+L
  • About : Ctrl+H
  • Quit : Ctrl+Q

Easy, isn't it?