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Welcome on Freezer project web page, you are welcome to join our team or to use our work as you like. Freezer is open source project which is focused on creating java framework for limited Persistence API. We are aware that several other frameworks is already available (for example great Hibernate but it's quite big and complex, and sometimes you don't want to spent whole week searching how to do something.

Main aspects of Freezer

Here are few points which I had in head while I started to work on it:

  • It should be easy to configure and run
  • It should be lightweight
  • It should allow to store any object which is created in Java, however storing collections (lists, maps) are not a concern.
  • It will be used in my java servers for game purposes (storing data objects, etc)
  • It will use very simple key/id objects identifiers
  • No complex questions/request may be made to restore data from storage, only access through single key or key list
  • No dependency for external packages (exception are DB drivers, and maybe logging)


At this moment several limitations are known (or are predicted) however not sure at this moment if we going to resolve this cases:

  • Circular references in embedding object will lead to stack overflow (infinite loop). So if you have object A which has ref to object B, and object B points back to object A it will be bad.


Unfortunately xp-dev doesn't give plugins to create forum so I created topic on other portal for support for this project. Feel free to post there in Polish or English. If more complex solution will be needed I'll start full scale forum on our group server. Topic for Freezer Project on portal

That's all for this moment, stay tuned I hope it will evolve in near future.

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