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Welcome to DForker

*DForker* is the set of scripts used to build Cybernux Linux®.

This set of scripts are based on the scripts originally built by Brian Brazil (bbrazil), founder of the gNewSense project and until March 2009 the head developer.

*DForker* has been and is being modifeid to fit the purpose of Cybernux Linux®, as the original scripts do remove a lot of what I believe is useful stuff, my intention is to remove only the stuff that is not needed anymore (because of good open source substituion).

Using DForker means you will be forking Debian into your Distribution. Building the repository (including, if wanted, multimedia), does the branding, uploads repo and cd/dvd images from your dev system to your public repository server. All features will be listed at a later date.

Also, the original scripts are using Ubuntu as a base and *DForker* uses Debian (at the time of this writing, we're using squeeze (Debian 6.0), but may shortly move to the next testing).

Enjoy[[BR]] Your Cybernux Linux® Team

Please Note: dforker is biased towards the The Cybernux Linux® Project. It should be relately easy to make it work for your project.

To get started using the scripts see the HowToUse page.

Extra info on what or what not to do because of security issues will be on the DoNotDoThis wiki page.

Goto the project website. to get infos about Cybernux Linux®

Cybernux Linux® is sublicensed at LMI, the SubLicense page gives more details on that.

FOR NOW ONLY i386 (32bit) and amd64 (64bit) IS SUPPORTED as theses are the only systems available for testing.

If someone has hardware for other systems that they would like to donate for project expansion to the systems, thus supporting that, then please contact me thru email for details and instructions. (I may be able to personally cover the postage costs)