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I've seen,heard and read about people having problems generating a public key, due to not having enough enthropy.

Some common mistakes, at least that's the way I feel about it, is to use tools like urandom and doing the command rngd -r /dev/urandom


using other tools to do the same/simular thing, like crashme (used to crash the system AND it will, may take days though).

My opinion is *DO NOT DO THAT -- STAY AWAY FROM THAT -- FORGET THAT*. Why, because you may get wrong random numbers. What will or can happen is that YOU WILL BE VULNERABLE for attacks. Then you might as well not use a key at all.

*What I recommend is this:*

Just leave that window as it is and open 2-3 other terminal window and give the following commands in each of them:


you can ping some other ip address also or ping different ip address in each window. If you're like me and have several private PCs then ping each of those, for example:

window 1


window 2


window 3


This is the best practice way that I've been using for several years. But like I said before, this is my opinion.