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Welcome to the tracking area for the cnxBuildMaster tool. These tools (or scripts) are designed to help us to easily setup a KOJI BUILD SERVER, in a way that will be easy for us to setup as many time in the same way as the original we use to build Cybernux™ Linux®.

Be sure to see the milestones to see what we are planning to do within a certain time period. If you have problems. find bugs, have sugesstions - whatever - do that in the ticket area. All other info will be here in the wiki, except the forum area - which will be at the Cybernux™ Linux® website.

GettingStarted is the place to goto to get started building your server. is in the process of being redesigned, but should be online shortly.

OurLicense - License details.

SubLicense - Cybernux™ Linux® has been sublicensed at the LMI

FOR NOW ONLY i386 (32bit) and amd64 (64bit) IS SUPPORTED as theses are the only systems available for testing.

If someone has hardware for other systems that they would like to donate for project expansion to the systems, thus supporting that, then please contact me thru email for details and instructions. (I may be able to personally cover the postage costs)