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Welcome to CMason

CMason is a tool that can be used to make a distributable copy of an already installed Arch Linux system.

The resulting iso file can be used on any other PC that still meets the original minimum requirements of Ubuntu or Debian. Things like the graphics card and other hardware will be configured and setup automatically and you do not have to use identical hardware.

Currently there is a size limitation imposed by the genisomage tool. This tool is used to create the iso file. This limits the maximum single file size for the iso to be set at 4GB which means the entire compressed filesystem.squashfs file(your complete compressed system) must fall under this size. If it does not then the iso file will not be created. It is recommended to remove most media files and any virtual machine hard drives like the ones used by qemu, Virtual Box, etc off the system while using this tool or make sure you add these files to the excludes in the /etc/cmason.conf file manually.

CMason is heavily based on the Remastersys tool developed and maintained by Tony Brijeski, which focuses on Debian and Ubuntu based systems. Remastersys also does a backup of the installed system, including your personal files. See the ‚ÄčRemastersys site for more info.

Three (3) major differences are planned:
1) No GUI
2) No Backup
3) Multilingual Installer
--- see the roadmap and milestones (linked above) to see the plans and how far the project is.

-- hyperclock 10 Mar 2011