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GE2: Geology of Canada in 3D: New geoscience compilations and related digital tools and methods

Organizers / Organisateurs: Rob Harrap (Queen’s); Boyan Brodaric, Dave Snyder, Marc St-Onge, Hazen Russell (NRCan)

Room / Salle: Miller Hall, Room 201

GAC-MAC 2017 Technical Sessions (GE2: The Geology of Canada in 3D)

Chairs / Présidents: David Snyder and Marc St-Onge

  • 8:10 Thorleifson, L.H. Keynote (40 min)

Geological mapping in the US

  • 8:50 Harrison, J.C.*, St-Onge, M.R., Paul, D. and Brodaric, B.

A new geological map and map database for Canada north of 60

  • 9:10 St-Onge, M.R.*, Harrison, C.C., Paul, D., Tella, S., Brent, T.A., Jauer, C.D. and Maclean, B.C.

Tectonic map of Arctic Canada (TeMAC): A first derivative product from the Canada-in-3D geological compilation work

  • 9:30 Refreshment Break
  • 9:50 Brodaric, B.*, St-Onge, M.R., Snyder, D.B. and Russell, H.A.J.

Canada-3D: Toward national surface and subsurface compilations of the geology of Canada

The 3D Geological Framework of Alberta: Using geomodelling to enhance and disseminate geological understanding

  • 10:30 Russell, H.A.J.*, Atkinson, N., Bajc, A.F., Brodaric, B., Keller, G., Lo, K., Parent, M., Pyne, M., Smith, R. and Todd, B.

A 3-D framework of surficial geology for Canada

  • 10:50 Taylor, A.*, Ross, M., Parent, M., Nastev, M., Atkinson, G. and Mihaylov, A.

3D geological modeling of quaternary sediments for seismic shaking assessment on a regional scale

Chairs / Présidents: Hazen Russell and Boyan Brodaric

  • 2:00 Sudicky, E.A. Keynote (40 min)

Big models need big data: Integrated hydrosystem modelling in Canada

  • 2:40 Carter, T.R.*, Brunton, F.R., Logan, C., Clark, J., Fortner, L., Yeung, K., Freckelton, C., Sutherland, L. and Russell, H.A.J.

3D geologic and hydrogeologic modelling of the Paleozoic bedrock of southern Ontario

  • 3:00 Montsion, R.M.*, de Kemp, E.A., Corrigan, D., Hillier, M.J. and Schneider, D.A.

3D regional geological modelling in structurally complex and data sparse environments: Benefits, challenges and strategies from the northern Labrador Trough, Kuujjuaq, Quebec

  • 3:20 Refreshment Break
  • 3:40 Leslie, A.G., Schofield, D., Pharaoh, T.C.*, Mathers, S., Terrington, R. and Thorpe, S.

Crustal-scale modelling for the UK 3D Geological Model

  • 4:00 Snyder, D.B.*, Humphreys, E. and Pearson, D.G.

Construction and destruction of some North American cratons interpreted using 3-D lithospheric models

  • 4:20 Osinski, G.R.*, Filion, J., Allison, D. and Bourassa, M.

A new tablet App for 2D and 3D mapping, sampling and data analysis

  • 4:40 Zanetti, M.*, Osinski, G.R., Neish, C.D. and Kukko, A.

Novel approaches to 3D geologic mapping using kinematic mobile laser scanning and LiDAR intensity


  • GE2-P19 Schetselaar, E.M.*, Snyder, D.B. and Pilkington, M.

Modelling the MOHO for the Canada3D initiative: An integrated approach using refraction seismic, teleseismic and gravity data

  • GE2-P20 de Kemp, E.A.*, Schetselaar, E.M., Hillier, M. and Montsion, R.

Developing the bedrock layer for Canada 3-D: The Precambrian-Phanerozoic boundary

  • GE2-P21 Hillier, M.J.* and Brodaric, B.

Modelling infrastructure for national scale 3D geological models

  • GE2-P22 Russell, H.A.J.*, Brodaric, B., Brunton, F.R., Carter, T., Clark, J., Logan, C.E. and Sutherland, L.

Communicating 3D geological models to a broader audience: A case study from southern Ontario

  • GE2-P23 McLauchlan, M.E., Kollet, Y., Todd, B.J.*, Lewis, C.M. and Courtney, R.C.

Recovery of legacy marine geoscience data in the Great Lakes Basin: Application to Canada 3D

  • GE2-P24 Mitchell, J.* and Ugalde, H.

Aeromagnetic modelling of the sub-Athabasca basement

  • GE2-P25 Lenauer, I.*, Ugalde, H. and Milkereit, B.

Fault interpretation from multiple data sources in central BC

  • GE2-P26 Mundreon, S.A.* and Ugalde, H.

A tectonic history of the Meliadine Gold Trend, Nunavut from aeromagnetic data modelling and interpretation

  • GE2-P27 Ballinger, J.* and Ugalde, H.

An overview of the Boothia Peninsula of northern Nunavut obtained from airborne magnetic data modelling and interpretation

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