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Welcome to All about Everything

Put anything useful in this Wiki.

If possible write all in English. You can add a spelling checker plugin to your browser to help you write properly.

Things related to an specific project should have a link to that project's wiki or a reference of some kind.

You may want to start by reading WikiFormatting.

  • Git -- is a distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) system.
  • All in one -- All (or almost) packages, configs, etc, needed to get your environment up and running.


  • Update anything as needed, e.g., versions for packages.
  • Translate anything in Spanish to English.
  • Re-write Mep8 correctly.
  • Maybe create our own pep8 guideline.
  • Check all pages for language errors.
  • Create wiki pages for external sources like blogs, forums, etc. since this sources can dissappear.