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What's this ?

Welcome to Open Source Private PW. This project aims to share knowledge about private server development and compile it in a easily readable and understandable way. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. (B.Franklin)

What is here ?

At the moment, we have a KnowledgeBase and a TutorialBase. Feel free to check them out. There is also our SVN repository with ready to use content or programs, and hopefully more soon.

How to contribute ?

No registration or identification is required to check the knowledge here. However anyone can start contributing too! To do so, you first need to create an account, then send an email to at or a private message on RZ with your name. There is no conditions to join (of course any vandalism will be reverted and get you kicked).

Thanks to all the Contributors.

A few important points

  • Any work released here is placed under a CC-BY license (or similar free license of your pick), this mean it will be public and free.
  • Only release your own work, other people might not want theirs here. Only release what you want, even a small contribution is step toward knowledge.
  • This is not a place for questions, use RageZone for discussions