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Groundwater-Surface Water Initial Linked Data Pilot (GSIP) Workshop

  • Date: Tues June 6 – Wed June 7, 2017
  • Location: Room BS-23, 560 Rochester St., Ottawa ON
  • Time: 9:00 - 5:00
  • Remote Connection: N/A


  • Boyan Brodaric (NRCan/GSC)
  • Eric Boisvert (NRCan/GSC)
  • Joost Van Ulden (NRCan/CCMEO)
  • Mike Major (NRCan/CCMEO)
  • Marie-Eve Martin (NRCan/CCMEO)
  • Yanmei Wu (NRCan/CCMEO)
  • Douglas Stiff (ECCC)
  • Jean-Guy Zakrevsky (IJC)
  • Peter Steeves (USGS)
  • Mark Sondheim (Refractions)


Water is central to many pressing societal issues. Examples include droughts, floods, and contaminated drinking water, all of which require knowledge of the relationships between surface water and groundwater features. These are just some of the cases where the intersection of watersheds and aquifers and the proximity of water wells and river gauges are key elements in planning for and responding to major events. Linked Open Data (LOD) technologies provide an effective new way to represent, find and access these relationships and features. This workshop will develop a linked data architecture for Canadian hydro data that will be tested in the GSIP pilot project and serve as a Canadian starting-point for a similar pilot spanning the CAN-US border. The workshop will be informal and consist of detailed technical discussions on key topics, with the intended goal of developing an architecture and workplan to enable subsequent implementation by participants.


  • Develop uses-cases and a draft architecture for GSIP
  • Develop knowledge and workplan for implementation of the architecture

Expected Outputs

  • Meeting notes
  • Draft Architecture report with use-cases


Tues June 6 morning

  • Project orientation
    • Roundtable
    • Objectives, goals
    • Technical overview
  • Use-cases
    • Develop: Description, Key Features, Key Relationships

Tues June 6 afternoon

  • Identifiers
    • URLs: domains, subdomains, types, domain issues,
  • Architecture
    • Broker
    • Link Repository
    • Web Services (for databases)

Wed June 07 morning -- Webinar

  • 9:00 Agenda introduction – 5 minutes, Yanmei Wu (NRCan)
  • 9:05 Linked Hydro Data: a gentle introduction – 40 minutes, Boyan Brodaric (NRCan)
  • 9:45 OGC/W3C Spatial Data on the Web joint WG and the best practices at Geonovum – 40 minutes Linda van den Brink (Geonovum, Netherlands).
  • 10:30 Break – 15 minutes
  • 10:45 Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment – 30 minutes (TBC), James Kreft (United States Geological Survey)
  • 11:15 Canadian Hydrographic Features and the CAN-US linked data pilot project – 30 minutes, Mike Major, Boyan Brodaric, Marie-Eve Martin (NRCan), and Mark Sondheim (Refractions Research)
  • 11:45 Open discussions – 15 minutes
  • 12:00 Adjourn

Wed afternoon

  • Wrap-up
    • Unfinished business
    • Next steps

Results: Action Plan

  1. Add workshop results to web site: June 16
  2. Add presentations to GC-DOCS: June 16
  3. Write-up use-cases and validate with hydro community: July 31
  4. Partner engagement: ongoing
  5. Develop URL structure: June 31
  6. Develop URL broker: July 31
    • content negotiation process
    • hyperlink page format
    • bi-linguality
    • create architecture doc
  7. Develop link repository
    • Develop link server: Aug 31
    • Develop link encoding: Aug 31
    • Populate link repository: Sept 1 – Oct 31
      • Data supply to Sherbrooke: Sept 1
  8. Develop hyperlink page: Oct 31
    • Check alternate timeline
    • Include map interface (MapML)
  9. Setup individual data servers: Oct 31
    • Web API that can deliver each feature
    • Web page for each feature
    • Download link for each feature (optional)
  10. Test with focus group: Nov 30
    • Use case confirmation
    • Focus study
    • Follow-up survey
  11. System adjustments: Dec 31
  12. Expand cross-border: CAN-US linked hydro data pilot project: ~Jan 2018 start


  • One pager: CAN-US linked open hydro data... pdf
  • Concept paper: CAN-US linked open hydro data... pdf
  • GSIP Roadmap: brief description of the GSIP project (Canadian portion of CAN-US initiative)... pdf
  • Hydro Projects Roadmap: description of various sub-projects in the CAN-US initiative... pdf
  • Spatial Data on the Web - W3C/OGC Best Practice

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