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LateralGM has changed hosting yet again, this time we hope the change is somewhat more permanent.

Thank you for bearing with us. We hope these changes will get us more mainstream attention, and provide us with more security (since SF offers free SSL, but xp-dev doesn't).



The GPL 3 image LateralGM is a free IDE for viewing and modifying Game Maker files. It is designed to be completely compatible with Game Maker 6, with support on the way for versions 7 and 8.

LateralGM is released under the GNU General Public License.


The LateralGM forum is at

There's also an IRC channel on FreeNode named #lateralgm


Download the latest source from here (ZIP archive).

For binary builds, see the LateralGM forum.


You will need Java's JDK 6 or later to compile the source code. The JRE cannot compile.

You can check out LateralGM from the repository using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.

As with many SVN projects, ours is broken into a trunk/ for the standard development source, tags/ for milestone releases and such, and branches/ for experimental features. Usually you would check out from trunk/ since this is where the relatively stable development goes on.

Developers are recommended to use Eclipse (preferrably Eclipse Classic) with the Subclipse plugin pointed to the repository address above. The formatting scheme we use is included in the repository, as is a checkstyle scheme if you decide to use the CheckStyle plugin.

Developers are also recommended to become familiar with the Package hierarchy of LGM, so they can find their way around.

Our Build page can help you easily get the necessary packages (Java, Eclipse, etc) installed, as well as providing detailed information on how to get the packages needed to build a LateralGM jar for distribution or to hold any modifications/customizations you make.

Keeping track

Reports on ticket changes, repository check-ins and wiki changes are provided in the timeline view.

To keep track of a single ticket, add your email address to the ticket's Cc field. If you have provided an e-mail address on the Preferences page, you can enter your username instead.

Using Trac

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.