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Getting started with Cava's Profiles… a Selecting Configurations

New to Honorbuddy? This article covers all the configurations basics needed to use Cava Plugin.

Configurations that profile will change

  • There are some configurations changed by profile, even if you change then, profile will always change it back
    • Find Vendors Automatically
    • Use Flight Paths
    • Ground Mount Farming Mode
    • Kill Between Hotspots
    • Pull Distance
    • Mount used by character
    • Use Random Mount
    • Find Mount Automatically
    • Loot Chests
    • Drink Amount
    • Food Amount
  • You are free to change any or all configurations from this list, after you start profile, they will be changed to suit profile map, quests, etc. after bot stops profiles all that configurations will be turned back to previus ones selected by you

Configurations that you should change

  • Other configurations can be edited and MUST be edited by you
  • Loot
    • Some users like bot loot all mobs, others don't! Loot or Not Loot are two sides of the same coin – both have good and bad, and neither works very well. Personaly i prefer No Loot. When you select Loot bot take all itens from all mobs will do some realy botish things like kill mob X, run away kill mob Z, run back loot mob X, run again to mob Z and loot it, will run out of space in bags more often, running to sell itens and repair, sometimes doing long travels, sometimes running in dead trap cycles, and finaly will take more time, extra time to take loots and extra time to kill mobs will aggro because loots. When you select No Loot you will ended profile with less gold but less time played also, thats why i prefer this, with that extra time you can put your bot doing dailyes and reward same gold like if you selected with loot. Note: even if you select No Loot bot will loot mobs for quest itens at end they are like 30% of quests.
  • Advanced Mode configurations
    • Some configurations are behind Settings & Tools window, you can open that if follow this lines
      1. Press Settings & Tools Button
      2. Enable Advanced mode
      3. Finaly you will get this window
    • Some changes you can do:
      • Mesh folder path.
      • Harvest minerals
      • Harvest Herbs
      • Loot Radius
      • Logout for Inactivity
      • Set an Mail Recipient char
    • My advice is only and MUST change the last one. When you set up an mail recipient alt char, bot will mail some values itens and you can sell it for profit

Configurations that you should change in plugins

  • Plugins can also have configurations and some of them MUST be edited by you
    • Autoequip2
      • Select Autoequip Plugin and click Configuration
      • Select weapon Style and which weapon/weapons you want plugin equip
    • Talented2
      • Like all others plugins select wich configuration you want
  • There are still other nice plugins that probably you want run also
    • DrinkPotions
    • LogMeOut
    • ShutUpAIML

My name is.. Cava and I'm very proud of my project, the Cava's Profiles Project
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.