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Getting started with Cava's Profiles… a First Timer

New to Cava's Profiles? Well you’ve come to the right place. This article covers all the basics and will get you up and running in just a few minutes.

Type of Tickets

  • When creating a new ticket, you can select the appropriate type for that ticket. Indeed, a ticket can represent anything ranging from a problem report, a support request, an idea for a new feature or actually any artifact that fits in profiles process.
    • Defect: used to report a malfunction where the profiles does not work as specified.
    • Feature Request: used to request a new feature in the product or a modification in the specified behaviour of an existing one.
    • Task: Everything else, something that needs to be done

Tickets Prioritys

  • Expresses the order in which issues should be addressed by the resolving team.
    • Blocker: Reserved for catastrophic failures - exceptions, crashes, corrupt data, etc. that (a) prevent somebody from completing their task, and (b) have no workaround. These should be extremely rare. They must be fixed immediately (same-day).
    • Critical: These may refer to unhandled exceptions or to other "serious" bugs that only happen under certain specific conditions (i.e. a practical workaround is available). No hard limit for resolution time, but should be fixed within the week. They key distinction between (Blocker) and (Critical) is not the severity or impact but the existence of a workaround.
    • Major: Usually reserved for perf issues. Anything that seriously hampers productivity but doesn't actually prevent work from being done.
    • Minor:These are "nuisance" bugs. A default setting not being applied, a read-only field showing as editable (or vice-versa), a race condition in the UI, a misleading error message, etc. Fix for this release if there are no higher-priority issues, otherwise the following release.
    • Trivial: Cosmetic issues. Scroll bars appearing where they shouldn't, window doesn't remember saved size/location, typos, last character of a label being cut off, that sort of thing. They'll get fixed if the fix only takes a few minutes and somebody's working on the same screen/feature at the same time, otherwise, maybe never.

How to submit a ticket / Request a New Feature

  • Before reporting a bug
    • It is a bug. Ensure that your problem is a general problem and not due to your particular configuration. If you are not sure that the behaviour is correct, please post a comment in the honorbuddy forum.
    • The bug has not been already reported. If you have new information about an existing bug, please post a comment on the first bug - do not open a new bug report.
    • Use the latest version of the Honorbuddy and Profiles. Before reporting a bug, make sure that you are using the latest version of profiles also you cleaned cache to remove any cache issue. This will minimize the chance of reporting a bug that has already been fixed or a non bug.
  • Reporting a bug. You are now ready to start reporting your issue by specifying the following attributes:
    • Start reporting Report Here
    • Fill the summary/ Topic/ Head with something the lead to your request/ Bug
    • select wich ones you tinck are the better Types and Prioritys
    • in body describe the bug or idea you have
    • ALWAYS UPLOAD LOG when reporting a bug
  • Some tips:
    • To add an picture from web page use [[Image(]]
    • To add part of logs use {{{YOUR CODE HERE}}}
  • Extra info - if you can add more info like:
    • bug is specific help reporting exactly what causes the problem.
    • provides a good summary.

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