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Commits for Divide-Framework/trunk/Source Code/Core/Headers/PlatformContext.h

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Revision Author Commited Message
1029 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Tue 30 Jan, 2018 17:28:39 +0000

- Update copyright notices

993 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 10 Dec, 2017 20:07:57 +0000

- Finished initial port of the old scene graph system to the new ECS based system.
- Finished converting 2 components to the new ECS system: Transform and RigidBody
- Fixed the “Deploy” build error with the CEGUI OpenGL renderer.
- Compilation now needs C++14 support (it’s sufficiently wide-spread now)

969 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 13 Nov, 2017 00:15:57 +0000

- Further improve DisplayWindow <-> Input relationship
- Add Flip-Y 2D camera (D3D style projection)
- Fix IMGUI rendering
- Add IMGUI sample and IMWINDOW sample rendering at the same time
- Improve IMWINDOW multi-window support
— Bug: nothing rendering in child platform windows
- Add draw command to move render context from one window to another

962 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 03 Nov, 2017 17:17:55 +0000

- Fix creation/destruction of multiple DisplayWindows
- Add an InputInterface per DisplayWindow
- More work on the ImWindow based Editor

909 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 29 Jun, 2017 23:57:18 +0000

- Rework RenderTarget class
— RTAttachment now deal with textures directly
— RT size needs to be specified upfront
- Application class is no longer a Singleton but passed around in the PlatformContext

903 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 25 Jun, 2017 18:55:02 +0000

- Rework DebugInterface to be part of the PlatformContext and to allow adding of AntTweakBar elements via easy to use descriptors

859 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 13 Feb, 2017 17:18:06 +0000

- Multi-threaded mesh load
- ByteBuffer fixes and unit test

838 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 30 Jan, 2017 17:28:35 +0000

- Added a NetworkingComponent to SGNs
- Started cleaning up Client / Server architecture

836 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 27 Jan, 2017 14:59:56 +0000

- Update copyright notice

828 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 23 Jan, 2017 17:19:22 +0000

- XML loading/saving cleanup PART I

804 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 01 Dec, 2016 17:20:59 +0000

- Singleton elimination update Part I: get it to compile
— The following classes are no longer Singletons: GFXDevice, GL_API, DX_API, SFXWrapper, FmodWrapper, SDLWrapper, ALWrapper, PXDevice, InputInterface, RenderPassManager, SceneManager and ResourceManager;
— Refactor system to a Context / Component based implementation (Pass relevant context to objects: e.g. GFXDevice object to Textures, GUI to GUIElements, etc)
— Make devices and managers components of the kernel
— Allow multiple Resource caches to co-exist. This may prove useful for later when a more fragmented memory model is need (per frame / per scene / global caches / etc)

  • next steps: part II – cleanup/refactor new code, part III – optimise code, part IV – remove remaining Singletons (e.g. Application, ParamHandler, FrameListenerManager, Recast, PostFX and DebugInterface)