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Commits for Divide-Framework/trunk/Source Code/Core/ByteBuffer.cpp

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993 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 10 Dec, 2017 20:07:57 +0000

- Finished initial port of the old scene graph system to the new ECS based system.
- Finished converting 2 components to the new ECS system: Transform and RigidBody
- Fixed the “Deploy” build error with the CEGUI OpenGL renderer.
- Compilation now needs C++14 support (it’s sufficiently wide-spread now)

893 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 18 Jun, 2017 17:33:07 +0000

- Initial implementation of a PipelineStateObject (holds shader program, rasterizer state, etc)
- Rework PCH implementation a bit because VS2017 no longer has a /ZM option

890 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 14 May, 2017 20:54:59 +0000

- Add pre-compiled header support
- Initial code for per-stage tessellation computation

879 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 19 Mar, 2017 19:29:46 +0000

- GLSL updates:
— Interface block correction to support tessellation shaders automatically
— Fixed line counting issues with the preprocessor

855 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 09 Feb, 2017 17:21:35 +0000

- Cleanup and optimize ByteBuffer class (native support for vector and array read/writes)
- Cleanup file read/write functions
- Promote ByteBuffer class from a platform specific feature to a core feature

832 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 26 Jan, 2017 17:23:11 +0000

- More path related work
- Initial code to centralize file I/O (does not compile yet)

671 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 08 Apr, 2016 16:26:49 +0000

- Custom memory allocation system part 1:
— Add
— Add custom allocators to strings and vectors
— Add custom allocators to a few test classes
— No support for aligned memory yet, so vec4<F32> and mat4<F32> vectors use the old allocation system
- Replace more std::async call with our custom task system

540 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 28 Oct, 2015 19:06:28 +0000

- Remove the “Platform” folder from the Platform project as the name is redundant. Move files one level up

518 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 04 Oct, 2015 20:08:56 +0000

- New asset loading system and new asset formats (DVDGeom – geometry and material data. DVDAnim – animation data):
— Separate ASSIMP importing process (including animations) from Mesh/SubMesh/Material creation:
— Interface ASSIMP with the rest of the framework via a “ImportData” structure.
— Allow saving/loading from file of the entire ImportData and animation data entries via serialization.
— Allow serialization of VertexBuffers and update animation system’s serialization structure as well
— Base all serialization/deserialization processes on the ByteBuffer class with support for loading/saving to files
— If DVDGeom and DVDAnim files are not found, fall back to ASSIMP to load the data and save them for later use
-— Loading times reduce in half if data is already present.
-— Multi-threaded asset loading is now possible.
-— Other (non-ASSIMP) importing libraries can now be used.
-— DVDGeom and DVDAnim files can be shared/moved but not edited (they hold binary data for smaller memory usage)
- OpenGL/Direct3D usage is a compile time toggle (for now) for performance reasons.

513 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 21 Sep, 2015 16:04:28 +0000

- Some code cleanup

512 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 04 Sep, 2015 10:23:54 +0000

- Small correction to vertex buffer compression

510 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 03 Sep, 2015 16:01:22 +0000

- Modify VertexBuffer classes to use interleaved data
— Needs a lot of optimizations. Higher RAM and VRAM usage currently, but faster access