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Commits for Divide-Framework/trunk/SaveData

Revision Author Commited Message
1027 IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 29 Jan, 2018 23:29:31 +0000

- More work on the editor:
— Attempt to fix resizing. Failed.

1026 IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 29 Jan, 2018 17:43:26 +0000

- More work on editor:
— Initial implementation of component listing and editing

1024 IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 28 Jan, 2018 19:25:54 +0000

- Update IMGUI (and addons) to 1.54 (latest commit as of 28/01/18)
- Remove ImwWindow code as IMGUI will support docking and platform windows soon enough

1022 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 25 Jan, 2018 16:13:30 +0000

- Editor work: move docked windows to their own classes and files

989 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 01 Dec, 2017 16:10:10 +0000

- Moved MainMenuBar out of PanelManager and modified it a bit
- Updated Imgui and addons to the latest version
- Added “Step 1 frame” and “Step 60 frames” buttons to the editor (when the simulation is paused, these advance time by the given number of frames only)
- Removed per-scene base camera and added a utility default camera, also used by the editor

986 IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 29 Nov, 2017 23:24:51 +0000

- Fix an issue with imgui_addons saving and loading layouts

978 IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 20 Nov, 2017 23:42:23 +0000

- More decoupling between window size and render resolution.
- Attempt to preserve render target aspect on window resize events

  • Resolution change is currently broken *
976 IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 19 Nov, 2017 23:10:18 +0000

- Texture mipmaps are now compute before bind if they need a refresh (to avoid recalculation if they’re not used)
- More work on the editor: cleanup, load/save functionality, etc
- Input scaling: Mouse position is now relative to the scene preview position in editor mode. (the scene preview rect is used to re-map X/Y absolute and relative mouse positions)

703 IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 11 May, 2016 15:44:57 +0000

- Finish XML-based control bindings:
— Allow per bind input params (key id, mouse button index, joystick control data, etc)
— Allow mouse binding (with up to 7 buttons)
— Allow up to 4 joysticks (for now) with 120+ button, POV, Axis, Slider and Vector binding support for each
- Change all hashes in code from U32 to size_t for compatibility with STL/Boost

702 IonutCava picture IonutCava Tue 10 May, 2016 22:15:17 +0000

- Remove save game data (added by accident)

670 IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 06 Apr, 2016 16:21:35 +0000

- getInstance() renamed to instance() for simplicity (should really go away altogether, but that’s a different issue)
- some particle emitter threading updates

619 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 08 Jan, 2016 16:23:28 +0000

- Memory allocation optimizations
- Large VBO allocation system
- More terrain fixes
- Temporarily disable water and vegetation systems

617 IonutCava picture IonutCava Tue 05 Jan, 2016 16:47:21 +0000

- Depth writing is now a rendering API level toggle instead of a renderstateblock option
- Z-Pre-pass fixes and improvements
- Moved normal render target to the display stage from the pre-pass stage
— Normals are only used in post-processing. This improves pre-pass performance

615 IonutCava picture IonutCava Tue 22 Dec, 2015 16:30:42 +0000

not working properly
- Move HiZ buffer to separate render target
- Implement basic, per-scene, auto Save/Load system (works with camera position only for now)
- Fix a few wrong calls in glFramebuffer and glVertexArray
- Re-work skybox rendering