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Diff Revisions 167 vs 168 for /trunk/Source Code/Rendering/Headers/FrameListener.h

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  @@ -44,8 +44,10 @@
44 44 inline void setName(const std::string& name) {_listenerName = name;}
45 45 ///Adapter patern instead of pure interface for the same reason as the Ogre boys pointed out:
46 46 ///Implement what you need without filling classes with dummy functions
47 - ///frameStarted is calld at the beggining of a new frame
47 + ///frameStarted is calld at the beggining of a new frame before processing the logic aspect of a scene
48 48 virtual bool frameStarted(const FrameEvent& evt) {return true;}
49 + ///framePreRenderStarted is called when we need to start processing the visual aspect of a scene
50 + virtual bool framePreRenderStarted(const FrameEvent& evt) {return true;}
49 51 ///framePreRenderEnded is called after all the prerendering has finished and rendering should start
50 52 virtual bool framePreRenderEnded(const FrameEvent& evt) {return true;}
51 53 ///frameRendering Queued is called after all the frame setup/rendering but before the call to SwapBuffers