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Changeset e0e7cffd3a6d549ffab906760f5e86b0b8c3fcd9

Committed by bjm128 on Wed 27 Nov, 2013 09:14:19 +0000

Commit Message:

openjpeg-2.0.0/CMakeLists.txt: Added compiler switches to allow for 64-bit off_t
to enable perf performance profiling (-fno-omit-frame-pointer -ggdb).

openjpeg-2.0.0/src/lib/openjp2/CMakeLists.txt: Changed library to be statically
linked for gprof (may no longer be necessary) and added opj_malloc.c and
tcd_macro.c to file list.

openjpeg-2.0.0/src/lib/openjp2/j2k.c: Changed encoder allocation function call
from opj_tcd_init_encode_tile() (macro version) to opj_tcd_init_encode_tile2
(full function version).

openjpeg-2.0.0/src/lib/openjp2/openjpeg.c: Added recording of return value for
l_codec->m_codec_data.m_compression.opj_encode() function call (line 851), as per
fix for OpenJPEG bug #241.

openjpeg-2.0.0/src/lib/openjp2/opj_malloc.h: Altered to accommodate definition
of opj_malloc() and friends as full functions rather than macros.

* Moved macro function definitions for
opj_tcd_init_encode_tile() and opj_tcd_init_decode_tile() to

* Removed `static' declatations from opj_tcd_code_block_enc_allocate() and opj_tcd_code_block_dec_allocate(). (This may not the the right thing to do, these should be in a header file). * Added function for allication for tile encoder and decoder. There are also the associated helper function, as rather than being a macro the encoder-decoder allocator takes function pointer arguments and a size of the particular data type that is being used. Note that the calling convention of opj_tcd_code_block_enc_allocate2 and the dec_allocate2() functions are identical to the macro implementation.

* Added declarations for function-based tile encoder and decoder allocator
and associated helper functions.
* Added declarations for opj_tcd_code_block_dec_allocate() and
opj_tcd_code_block_enc_allocate(), as used in tcd_macro.c

openjpeg-2.0.0/src/lib/openjp2/opj_malloc.c: This new file contains the source
code for all of the memeory allocation functions used in OpenJPEG. Note that
this replaces the macro-based definitions previously used. The primary goal
here is easy debugging, the calling conventions are exactly the same as with
the original macro defintions.

openjpeg-2.0.0/src/lib/openjp2/tcd.c.orig: Has original tcd.c file. Kept for

openjpeg-2.0.0/src/lib/openjp2/tcd_macro.c: Moved macro for tile encoder
allocation and deallocation to this file to keep it separate from non-large
macro code.

BJEM 26th November 2013.