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Commits for fonline_sdk/Binaries/Client/Windows/FOnline64.pdb

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Revision Author Commited Message
814 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Thu 27 Sep, 2018 13:09:42 +0000

Fixed working of game time.

Fixed working of Critter::ViewMap.

Added global variables to determine build where scripts take run
const bool __DesktopBuild
const bool __TabletBuild
const bool __WebBuild
const bool __WindowsBuild
const bool __LinuxBuild
const bool __MacOsBuild
const bool __AndroidBuild
const bool __IOsBuild

813 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Wed 26 Sep, 2018 10:00:35 +0000

Added rendering feature for prerender some graphic to separate surface and then draw with some effect.
New functions
void ActivateOffscreenSurface(bool forceClear = false)
void PresentOffscreenSurface(int effectSubtype) - draw whole screen entire
void PresentOffscreenSurface(int effectSubtype, int x, int y, int w, int h) - draw custom rectangle
void PresentOffscreenSurface(int effectSubtype, int fromX, int fromY, int fromW, int fromH, int toX, int toY, int toW, int toH) - draw custom rectangle to custom screen place
Setup effects using function SetEffect( EFFECT_OFFSCREEN, X, ... ) where X is any non negative index witch you pass to present function.
Example of usage -

Fixed effects ‘Time’ uniform.
Added OnPostDraw gui callback, called after element (and their children) draw.
EventRenderIface now not pass layer value, it’s single call.

812 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Mon 24 Sep, 2018 16:25:14 +0000

Fixed Web version crash due to memory exceeds.
Fixed crash after Server finish in some case.
Fixed Mapper run command system.
Trying to fix BAM colors glitch.

810 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Sat 22 Sep, 2018 12:33:15 +0000

Fixed drawing of transparent egg under roof.
Fixed virtual properties for array and dict.
Fixed working of ‘#undef’.

809 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Fri 21 Sep, 2018 13:48:59 +0000

Added ‘#undef’ directive.
Added ‘filesystem’ script class.
Fixed ‘ModelName’ change handling.
Fixed crash when pressing Maps/Locations in server gui.
Fixed build pipeline on non Windows machines.
Fixed scripts loading order for correct defines loading.

808 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Wed 19 Sep, 2018 18:30:22 +0000

Fixed server world restoring.

807 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Wed 19 Sep, 2018 13:26:46 +0000

Critter property ModelName now change 3d model instantly.

806 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Wed 19 Sep, 2018 07:04:55 +0000

Minor fixes.

805 Diff Diff cvet picture cvet Tue 18 Sep, 2018 09:10:47 +0000

Data base data now stored in its types not all in strings
Fixed mapper startup

804 cvet picture cvet Wed 12 Sep, 2018 18:29:13 +0000

Fixed bug related to deferred calls.