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stream_radio 194 Tue 08 Apr, 2014 12:55:16 +0000

Commits for 2d3d_Browser/sound

Revision Author Commited Message
194 Grocel picture Grocel Tue 08 Apr, 2014 12:55:16 +0000
193 Grocel picture Grocel Tue 08 Apr, 2014 12:54:05 +0000

Lua Fixes:
- lua/bass/client/cl_bass_lib.lua:110: attempt to concatenate local ‘Err’ (a nil value)
- lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/streamradio_color.lua:9: attempt to call field ‘GetDefaultColors’ (a nil value)
- lua/entities/sent_streamradio/cl_init.lua:31: Tried to use a NULL entity!

188 Grocel picture Grocel Mon 07 Apr, 2014 12:07:03 +0000

Preparations for Workshop release. (4)

86 Grocel picture Grocel Sat 17 Sep, 2011 22:34:07 +0000

Removed unneeded sound.

85 Grocel picture Grocel Sat 17 Sep, 2011 22:30:24 +0000

Recoded everything:
- The radio gui got redesigned.
- The radio got a build-in playlist browser.
- It supports *.pls-playlists that you usually use in Winamp or in the VLC Player.
- It still supports the playlist from the old version.
- It’s much cleaner now.
- Changed wire in- and outputs.
- FOR DEDICATED SERVERS: Added Wire Outputs for spectrum and stream informations, these Outputs will not work on a listen server nor in single player!
- Old dupes will brake!

- If you want to use a *.pls-playlist you have to rename it to *.pls.txt, so if you have a playlist called music.pls then you have to name it music.pls.txt.

- If you made a costom playlist for the old radio then you can still you it, but you have to rename the *.txt file to *.old.txt. So if your playlist is called somestuff.txt then you name it somestuff.old.txt

- All Playlist files comes to data\StreamRadio\Playlists.
The radio will account for invalid or broken files. It also filters duplicate names or urls out.

71 Grocel picture Grocel Mon 28 Feb, 2011 03:21:22 +0000

Fixed a lot of bugs.
Added more duping supports. Old dupes will may break.
Added noise and turning sounds, so the radio sounds more, well, like a radio when turning. ;)
Changed the design a bit.
Reworked the networking. Datastream is no longer in use, it’s using concommands instant.