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Entry Size Revision Updated
Headers 836 Fri 27 Jan, 2017 14:59:56 +0000
Waypoint.cpp 281 bytes 750 Thu 07 Jul, 2016 16:02:03 +0000
WaypointGraph.cpp 1.2K 577 Fri 20 Nov, 2015 15:59:10 +0000

Commits for Divide-Framework/trunk/Source Code/AI/PathFinding/Waypoints

Revision Author Commited Message
836 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 27 Jan, 2017 14:59:56 +0000

- Update copyright notice

750 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 07 Jul, 2016 16:02:03 +0000

- Static analysis based fixes and improvements

648 IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 21 Feb, 2016 16:32:52 +0000

- Update copyright notice
- Move BoundingBox and BoundingSphere to a new BoundsComponent
— Add a temp hack in SceneGraphNode to update these

577 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 20 Nov, 2015 15:59:10 +0000

- Replace all string indexed maps with unsigned long long indexed maps and add both compile time and runtime hashing functions to convert strings to the proper indices
— Balancing the calls between _ID and _ID_RT can reduce map lookup overhead, especially with ParamHandler and Locale::get

444 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 21 May, 2015 16:06:53 +0000

- More platform independent code cleanup:
— Moved platform specific defines to their respective header files (e.g. THREAD_LOCAL)
— Moved most preprocessor defines from the VisualC++ projects into source code
— Removed compiler specific code (e.g. warning disables) and fixed most warning resulting from this

350 IonutCava picture IonutCava Tue 10 Feb, 2015 16:25:39 +0000

- Simplified some Util-namespace level functions by using STL algorithms where possible
- Formatted the entire codebase using clang-format with the following style: "{BasedOnStyle: Google, IndentWidth: 4}"
- Attempted to make ProfileTimer thread-safe (temp fix until std::chrono works properly in Visual Studio)

347 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 05 Feb, 2015 13:39:09 +0000

- Changed all begin/end calls on containers to non-member versions
- Replaced all useless “auto” keywords from code. (“auto” only makes sense for return values for delegate functions)
- Replaced useless code in Util::Mat4::Multiply with something that makes sense

343 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 15 Jan, 2015 17:30:12 +0000

- Refactored 2 singletons into static classes (Console and TerrainLoader)
- Changed some C-casts to static_casts
- Updated copyright notices

337 IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 17 Dec, 2014 17:25:16 +0000

- Replaced all tabs with 4 spaces (some spacing may be off now. no way to check all the files.)
- Moved implementation details for ParamHandler, BoundingBox, BoundingSphere and ProfileTimer to proper .inl and .cpp files. (more to follow)
- Update all forward declared enums with the required storage type (as requested by the C++11 standard)

333 IonutCava picture IonutCava Tue 09 Dec, 2014 16:15:44 +0000

- Removed “core.h” and moved everything to their appropriate header files
- Renamed MathClasses to MathMatrices (finally)
- Renamed “-Inl.h” files to ".inl"
- Some String wrapper refactoring
- Update “InstallLibraries.bat” so that it still offers valid options