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149 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Sun 21 Apr, 2013 21:38:05 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
- Major GUI revamp: [[BR]]
— Fixed CEGUI rendering (invalid state reset after VBO/VAO unbind) [[BR]]
— Added a working Console window with a basic command parser [[BR]]
— GUI inputs take priority over scene (e.g. pressing a key in the console, does not affect the scene)[[BR]]
— Added AutoKey repeat [[BR]]
— Added config options for the GUI [[BR]]
- Revamped OpenGL Vertex Array Object class [[BR]]
— VBO’s without a shader attached will not use VAO’s [[BR]]
— VAO’s and VBO’s cleanup all states after them [[BR]]
- Added multiple Joystick support [[BR]]
- FrameBufferObject take in account the combination of texture id and bind slot when checking for double binds [[BR]]
- Upgraded Framerate/timing system [[BR]]
- Fixed Deferred rendering (typo in normal buffer creation) [[BR]]
- Fixed initial camera placement via scene config (RotateX(Y) replace with setAngleX(Y)) on camera init) [[BR]]
- Added better thread deletion in Event class [[BR]]
- Major mutex/semaphore/shared_lock rework in threaded classes [[BR]]
- Better A.I. initialization/destruction [[BR]]
- Fixed a typo in window positioning [[BR]]
- Better Unit movement code [[BR]]

101 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Wed 07 Mar, 2012 13:56:56 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
-Added GLSL effect-like file support using GLSW [] [[BR]]
-Added GLSL “#include” support. Now shader functions can be define in separate frag/vert files as atoms and included in the glsl effect file [[BR]]
-Added more DoxyGen-comments[[BR]]

97 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Tue 07 Feb, 2012 15:23:45 +0000

[ Ionut ] [[BR]]
-Restructured code base to a more logical layout [[BR]]
--Geometry folder contains shapes, materials, animations and the importer; Environment folder holds sky, terrain, water, vegetation; etc [[BR]]
--All header files are moved to a “Headers” sub-folder [[BR]]
--Renamed most of the Romanian code/comments/files/folders to English [[BR]]
--Added comments to parts of the code (ongoing from now on) [[BR]]
-Rewrote the entire lighting system [[BR]]
--Added a LightManager class to handle all lights [[BR]]
---LightManager calls updates and render calls to all lights it manages [[BR]]
--Lights have all needed properties stored in 2 maps (one for vector values, one for float values) [[BR]]
--Added a LightImpostor class that takes the light’s properties and applies it to a dummy sphere [[BR]]
--If a light should draw it’s impostor, the impostor draws the dummy sphere [[BR]]
--Rewrote the Light <-> GFXDevice interaction [[BR]]
---Each light stores it’s type in a variable and passes all properties to the rendering API that then decides what to use based on that type [[BR]]
--Each light handles it’s own ShadowMapping [[BR]]
-ShadowMapping: [[BR]]
-Each light stores it’s own depth maps and generates them based on it’s type [[BR]]
-LightManager binds all available depth maps and shaders pick them up automatically for use [[BR]]
-Each shadow map (of a total of 3 per light) corresponds to a detail level[[BR]]
-The final shadow map resolution is decided by the shadow detail level set in the config [[BR]]
--Camera and Frustum are set up for shadow rendering and applied to the render callback set for the current light (for example, Scene::render()) [[BR]]
--The light manager tells every light that has “_castShadows = true” to generate shadowmaps automatically after the Scene::PreRender stage [[BR]]
--ShadowMaps are blurred before applied to the fragment’s final color via shaders. [[BR]]
-Added detail level configuration options [[BR]]
--ToDo: add shaders for each detail level [[BR]]
-Moved all predefined geometry from immediate mode to VBO’s [[BR]]
--This allowed the rendering pipeline to be more streamlined (one render function for all geometry) [[BR]]
-Fixed GuiElement visibility toggle [[BR]]
-Fixed GuiText color state problem [[BR]]
-Added FBO texture format options [[BR]]
-VBO rendering uses U16 as default instead of U32 (better for GPU) [[BR]]
-VBO’s now contain BiTangent data as well [[BR]]
-Added OpenGL 2.0 compatibility (not guaranteed!) [[BR]]
-Added static (on load) shader selection based on detail level [[BR]]
-Added SSAO PostFX option, but this won’t work until the implementation of “plugins” for PostFX system [[BR]]
-Optimized/Fixed code based on VisualLint + CppCheck analysis [[BR]]

65 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Mon 10 Jan, 2011 19:20:13 +0000

-Removed external libraries from the code. They can be downloaded elsewhere now
-A lot of networking code referring to the geometry patch system is now in place. Not Working as of yet.
-Added delayed deletion of geometry

60 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Thu 06 Jan, 2011 15:29:19 +0000

-Fixed WorldPacket sending between client and server
-Added mutex locks for ParamHandler

59 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Mon 03 Jan, 2011 17:50:26 +0000

-Fixed BoundingBox translation and scaling with parent mesh
-Added Ray-AABB and AABB-AABB collision tests (new Ray class added)
-Added a network scene with the role of query-ing the server and printing responses(for now)
-Finished GUI::button class and and added mouse highlight and click detection as well as callback calling
-Added basic geometry primitives: Box, Sphere and Quad.
-Added the MaNGOS WorldPacket structure to the code for future usage with Boost::ASIO.cpp
-Reworked Mesh loading and drawing routines, hiding a lot of code from scene code and moving it to implementation level
-Added NULL assignment to mose pointers after deletion
-Addded a new function to GFXDevice called toggle2D3D, used to switch between 2D and 3D rendering (used for GUI rendering as of now)
-Fixed some normalization problems from shaders
-Added selection code for Object3D class (not working yet)
-Added more typedefs (U64,U16,U8,I64,I32,I16,I8) and removed old structures and classes from DataTypes.h (old OBJ loader code)
-More changes.

55 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Wed 15 Dec, 2010 18:38:27 +0000

-Rewrote OBJ loading and rendering [Part 1/4]

--ToDo: Remove OBJ specific elements and move to SubMesh/Mesh system [Part 2/4]
--Remove OBJ specific rendering and move to VAO/VBO rendering [Part 3/4]
--Add GLSL multitexturing support [Part 4/4]

-Reworked Scene specific elements loading and XML parser was updated accordingly. Scenes can now be changed by script.
-ResourceManager now properly loads OBJ objects.
-Fixed ResourceManager object database lookup to reduce memory consumption and loading speed of resources.
-Fixed texture loading and orientation setup for upside down images
-Cleaned up most of the material/texture code.
-Modified the Event system to take a boost::function resulting from a boost::bind call, thus making the creation of new events easier
-Added a Light class
-Added boundingboxes to new imported models and apllied frustum culling to said boxes
-Modified controls (added strafe) and fixed skybox “jumping” by calling input processing after the last frame was rendered.
More work in the Mesh<>SubMesh system
-Some memory leaks fixed and safe guards placed in various locations
-Correctly added boundingBoxes to large vegetation objects, increasing the TerrainChunk’s boundingbox they are on at the same time to prevent bad geometry clipping
-More fixes and cleanups

52 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Thu 04 Nov, 2010 12:51:07 +0000

-Moved source code to trunk folder

36 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Wed 27 Oct, 2010 14:48:22 +0000

A lot of changes in the code:
--Scene manager that handles changing/rendering/loading/unloading of scenes (ToDo: handle scene specific assets, and scene<->scene transition with or without unloading of previous assets)
--Faster OBJ loading using std::Vector, requiring a faster first pass than before (ToDo: use VBO rendering and move it to Mesh class)
--Performance speedups in the ParamHandler class increasing framerate by a factor of 5
--Added a GFXDevice class and a RenderAPIWrapper to start migrating OGL and DX specific rendering techniques to different classes. (Shaders, VBO’s, FBO’s are moved also to specific API classes). Direct3D support is not implemented as of yet (empty method definitions for now)
--Threaded event system based on callbacks (can call a specific callback function X times or X times per N ms for W ms total)
--More optimizations and tweaks

35 k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Tue 07 Sep, 2010 17:49:06 +0000

-Massive class cleanups
-Added BOOST libraries for XML, Threads, GenericType(BOOST::ANY class) and so forth
-Added XML based config for terrains, vegetation,settings etc
-Added a TerrainManager that allows multiple terrain loading and rendering.
-Added a Resource class to help with the upcoming ResourceManager that will handle loading/unloading of models,textures,shaders and so on
-Added Water rendering and effects
-Added a day/night cycle
-Fixed camera-framerate independent moving speed
-Rewrote the ParamHandler and most managers to use unordered maps
-A lot of other changes