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Bullet 335 Fri 12 Dec, 2014 14:02:54 +0000
Headers 715 Fri 27 May, 2016 16:19:22 +0000
ODE 335 Fri 12 Dec, 2014 14:02:54 +0000
PhysX 720 Mon 06 Jun, 2016 15:51:06 +0000
PhysicsAPIWrapper.cpp 129 bytes 695 Sun 08 May, 2016 22:45:32 +0000
PhysicsAsset.cpp 240 bytes 695 Sun 08 May, 2016 22:45:32 +0000
PhysicsSceneInterface.cpp 222 bytes 713 Wed 25 May, 2016 15:43:38 +0000
PXDevice.cpp 2K 713 Wed 25 May, 2016 15:43:38 +0000

Commits for Divide-Framework/trunk/Source Code/Physics

Revision Author Commited Message
720 IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 06 Jun, 2016 15:51:06 +0000

- PVS-Studio guided static analysis fixes and optimizations
- Added a flag to SceneState to bypass the Save/Load system not needed for certain types of scenes (menus, cinematics, etc)

715 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 27 May, 2016 16:19:22 +0000

- Added initial Fade In / Fade Out post effect (used for scene transitions for now)
- Added a GUI Interface that handles a list of GUI elements (used by GUI and SceneGUIElements)
- Fixed some race conditions related to multi-threaded scene loading (a lot remain to be fixed)
- Improved per-thread GPU sync system a bit
- Simplified Singleton define macros (although we should get rid of singletons all together)

713 IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 25 May, 2016 15:43:38 +0000

- Removed all unique_ptr’s from the code with classic new/delete pairs. They were seriously not needed.
- Added the concept of SceneComponent to scene specific classes: aiManager, lightPool, sceneGraph, physicsInterface etc
— This allowed the removal of the global GET_ACTIVE_SCENEGRAPH call;

710 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 20 May, 2016 16:24:40 +0000

- Code cleanup
- Initial work on Scene loading and unloading with and without unloading assets:
— Need to change AIManager from a Singleton to a per-scene component

709 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 19 May, 2016 16:21:46 +0000

- Massive rewrite of the resource system:
— ResourceCache now uses a map of weak pointers and passes shared pointers to the call point of CreateResource
— RemoveResource is no longer needed, but resource based smart pointers use a custom deleter that calls unload()
— Keep a shared_ptr of the resource in the entity that needs it and pass shared_ptr references from getter methods
-— All of this removed the need for calls to RemoveResource, REGISTER_TRACKED_DEPENDENCY and UNREGISTER_TRACKED_DEPENDENCY reducing the number of mutex locks and atomic exchanges
- Singleton cleanup:
— Removed ShaderManager singleton and merged it’s data and responsibilities in static methods in both ShaderProgram and Shader classes.
Explanation: Due to the complex interdependency chains in the system, copying, updating, tracking the cache in a thread safe way became a lot more slower than a straight forward smart pointer based implementation. (e.g. scene graph nodes have 3d objects and material instances, 3d objects have materials, materials have textures and shaders, etc)

696 IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 09 May, 2016 16:14:09 +0000

- More physics system preparation:
— Define specific px groups for nodes: static, kinematic, dynamic, ragdoll, etc

695 IonutCava picture IonutCava Sun 08 May, 2016 22:45:32 +0000

- Better separation of rigid body based physics and standard transform system

674 IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 11 Apr, 2016 16:17:10 +0000

- Some profile guided optimizations:
— Remove the task state hashmap and replace with flat array
— Allow PhysX to load collision meshes from a RAM cache first -> then file -> then recompute
- Improve memory logger output

671 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 08 Apr, 2016 16:26:49 +0000

- Custom memory allocation system part 1:
— Add
— Add custom allocators to strings and vectors
— Add custom allocators to a few test classes
— No support for aligned memory yet, so vec4<F32> and mat4<F32> vectors use the old allocation system
- Replace more std::async call with our custom task system

670 IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 06 Apr, 2016 16:21:35 +0000

- getInstance() renamed to instance() for simplicity (should really go away altogether, but that’s a different issue)
- some particle emitter threading updates