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Entry Size Revision Updated
CEGUIAddons 648 Sun 21 Feb, 2016 16:32:52 +0000
GUIEditor 713 Wed 25 May, 2016 15:43:38 +0000
Headers 721 Wed 08 Jun, 2016 15:47:49 +0000
GUI.cpp 15.1K 720 Mon 06 Jun, 2016 15:51:06 +0000
GUIButton.cpp 2.7K 710 Fri 20 May, 2016 16:24:40 +0000
GUIConsole.cpp 7.5K 720 Mon 06 Jun, 2016 15:51:06 +0000
GUIConsoleCommandParser.cpp 10.9K 715 Fri 27 May, 2016 16:19:22 +0000
GUIElement.cpp 661 bytes 704 Thu 12 May, 2016 16:24:17 +0000
GuiFlash.cpp 328 bytes 693 Thu 28 Apr, 2016 16:19:35 +0000
GUIInterface.cpp 6K 721 Wed 08 Jun, 2016 15:47:49 +0000
GUIMessageBox.cpp 2.9K 693 Thu 28 Apr, 2016 16:19:35 +0000
GUISplash.cpp 1.8K 721 Wed 08 Jun, 2016 15:47:49 +0000
GUIText.cpp 1.2K 721 Wed 08 Jun, 2016 15:47:49 +0000
SceneGUIElements.cpp 1.2K 715 Fri 27 May, 2016 16:19:22 +0000

Commits for Divide-Framework/trunk/Source Code/GUI

Revision Author Commited Message
721 IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 08 Jun, 2016 15:47:49 +0000

- Spelling: change all references from our code of “color” to the PROPER British version of “colour” because it sounds 100x better

720 IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 06 Jun, 2016 15:51:06 +0000

- PVS-Studio guided static analysis fixes and optimizations
- Added a flag to SceneState to bypass the Save/Load system not needed for certain types of scenes (menus, cinematics, etc)

719 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 03 Jun, 2016 16:20:08 +0000

- More SceneManager – ScenePool splitting of responsibilities
- DefaultScene will be the first scene loaded by the application. If nothing is specified in XML, it will default to "DefaultScene"

716 IonutCava picture IonutCava Tue 31 May, 2016 16:08:29 +0000

- Multithreaded scene load/unload fixes:
— Added postLoadMainThread call for scenes for thread sensitive loading steps
— GUI element adding is a thread sensitive loading step (a fast one) because CEGUI doesn’t handle threading
- Added REALTIME_WITH_CALLBACK task priority for tasks that need an immediate callback when they complete instead of using the flushCallbackQueue system.
- Some work on shadow mapping for getting it to work again
- ShaderPrograms that fail to load can cause a LockManager infinite wait. Delete the lockManager if the shader didn’t load to avoid waiting on commands that never get called.

715 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 27 May, 2016 16:19:22 +0000

- Added initial Fade In / Fade Out post effect (used for scene transitions for now)
- Added a GUI Interface that handles a list of GUI elements (used by GUI and SceneGUIElements)
- Fixed some race conditions related to multi-threaded scene loading (a lot remain to be fixed)
- Improved per-thread GPU sync system a bit
- Simplified Singleton define macros (although we should get rid of singletons all together)

714 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 26 May, 2016 16:26:23 +0000

- Initial code for multithreaded scene load:
— Tasks can have a “sync with gpu” flag that will cause them to use a shared context (so they can call GL functions)
- Added per scene GUI lists that get passed to the main GUI class (still need a base class to hold the map and accessors to avoid code duplication)
- Re-enabled threading unit tests

713 IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 25 May, 2016 15:43:38 +0000

- Removed all unique_ptr’s from the code with classic new/delete pairs. They were seriously not needed.
- Added the concept of SceneComponent to scene specific classes: aiManager, lightPool, sceneGraph, physicsInterface etc
— This allowed the removal of the global GET_ACTIVE_SCENEGRAPH call;

711 IonutCava picture IonutCava Mon 23 May, 2016 14:31:55 +0000

- More scene change fixes: pending tasks, GUI elements, etc
- Singleton removal: AIManager is a per-scene member instead of a global singleton now

710 IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 20 May, 2016 16:24:40 +0000

- Code cleanup
- Initial work on Scene loading and unloading with and without unloading assets:
— Need to change AIManager from a Singleton to a per-scene component

709 IonutCava picture IonutCava Thu 19 May, 2016 16:21:46 +0000

- Massive rewrite of the resource system:
— ResourceCache now uses a map of weak pointers and passes shared pointers to the call point of CreateResource
— RemoveResource is no longer needed, but resource based smart pointers use a custom deleter that calls unload()
— Keep a shared_ptr of the resource in the entity that needs it and pass shared_ptr references from getter methods
-— All of this removed the need for calls to RemoveResource, REGISTER_TRACKED_DEPENDENCY and UNREGISTER_TRACKED_DEPENDENCY reducing the number of mutex locks and atomic exchanges
- Singleton cleanup:
— Removed ShaderManager singleton and merged it’s data and responsibilities in static methods in both ShaderProgram and Shader classes.
Explanation: Due to the complex interdependency chains in the system, copying, updating, tracking the cache in a thread safe way became a lot more slower than a straight forward smart pointer based implementation. (e.g. scene graph nodes have 3d objects and material instances, 3d objects have materials, materials have textures and shaders, etc)