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#include "Headers/glSamplerObject.h"

#include "Core/Headers/Console.h"
#include "Core/Headers/ParamHandler.h"
#include "Utility/Headers/Localization.h"
#include "Hardware/Video/OpenGL/Headers/GLWrapper.h"
#include "Hardware/Video/Textures/Headers/TextureDescriptor.h"

glSamplerObject::glSamplerObject(const SamplerDescriptor& descriptor)
    DIVIDE_ASSERT((glewIsSupported("GL_ARB_sampler_objects") == GL_TRUE), Locale::get("ERROR_NO_SAMPLER_SUPPORT"));
    glGenSamplers(1, &_samplerID);

    glSamplerParameterf(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_LOD_BIAS, descriptor.biasLOD());
    glSamplerParameterf(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_MIN_LOD, descriptor.minLOD());
    glSamplerParameterf(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_MAX_LOD, descriptor.maxLOD());
    glSamplerParameteri(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, glTextureFilterTable[descriptor.minFilter()]);
    glSamplerParameteri(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, glTextureFilterTable[descriptor.magFilter()]);
    glSamplerParameteri(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S, glWrapTable[descriptor.wrapU()]);
    glSamplerParameteri(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_T, glWrapTable[descriptor.wrapV()]);
    glSamplerParameteri(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_R, glWrapTable[descriptor.wrapW()]);
    if (descriptor.wrapU() == TEXTURE_CLAMP_TO_BORDER ||
        descriptor.wrapV() == TEXTURE_CLAMP_TO_BORDER ||
        descriptor.wrapW() == TEXTURE_CLAMP_TO_BORDER){
            glSamplerParameterfv(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_BORDER_COLOR, descriptor.borderColor());

        glSamplerParameteri(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_COMPARE_MODE,  GL_COMPARE_R_TO_TEXTURE);
        glSamplerParameteri(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_COMPARE_FUNC,  glCompareFuncTable[descriptor._cmpFunc]);

    if (descriptor.anisotropyLevel() > 1 && descriptor.generateMipMaps()) {
        GLint anisoLevel = std::min<I32>((GLint)descriptor.anisotropyLevel(), ParamHandler::getInstance().getParam<GLint>("rendering.anisotropicFilteringLevel"));
        glSamplerParameterf(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_MAX_ANISOTROPY_EXT, anisoLevel);
    //glSamplerParameterfv(_samplerID, GL_TEXTURE_BORDER_COLOR, &vec4<F32>(0.0f).r));

    if (_samplerID > 0 && _samplerID != Divide::GLUtil::_invalidObjectID){
        glDeleteSamplers(1, &_samplerID);
        _samplerID = 0;

Commits for Divide-Framework/trunk/Source Code/Hardware/Video/OpenGL/Textures/glSamplerOject.cpp

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Revision Author Commited Message
286 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 18 Jul, 2014 16:32:03 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]

    • very buggy commit ** [[BR]]

- New rendering pipeline: [[BR]]
— Bumped OpenGL version to 4.4 [[BR]]
— Command based rendering. GFXDevice dispatches rendering commands to their respective buffers [[BR]]
— State changing is exclusively controlled by the GFXDevice class [[BR]]
— Material properties and transform matrices are stored in shader storage buffers that are updated after culling and uploaded once per RenderPass. Objects use drawIDs to index data in shaders [[BR]]
— Removed all custom matrices and other, per shader, bind data [[BR]]
— Removed per node light data. Light culling and shader buffers will replace the old light management system [[BR]]
— Framebuffers now use the Texture class for attachments [[BR]]
— Sampler objects now work like RenderStateBlocks. GL_API handles them and stores them in a hash indexed map [[BR]]
— Removed “prepareMaterial” calls. Pre-draw material setup is now only limited to texture binding [[BR]]
— Moved immediate mode emulation and primitive rendering from API level to GFXDevice level [[BR]]
— Framebuffer rendering must be completed with a call to end() to ensure proper MSAA resolve (asserts, otherwise) [[BR]]
- Fixed hash code generation for RenderStateBlock (and now, glSamplerObject) using boost::hash_combine [[BR]]
- Temporarily disabled XML caching for materials [[BR]]

275 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Fri 13 Jun, 2014 15:11:02 +0000

[Ionut [[BR]]
- Removed all GLM dependencies (great library, but my math class can handle all of my requirements now) [[BR]]
- Moved view/projection/texture matrix management to GFXDevice class (from API specific classes) [[BR]]

273 Diff Diff IonutCava picture IonutCava Wed 11 Jun, 2014 20:34:00 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
- Improved batching part2: [[BR]]
— Moved all bone transformation matrices upload from uniform functions in SceneNode to Shader Storage Buffers in AnimationController class with updates controlled by SceneGraphNode’s AnimationComponent [[BR]]
-— No double-buffering or efficient mapping of data yet. Just raw buffer updates [[BR]]
— Replaced all RenderStateBlock* pointers with I64 hash values [[BR]]
-— Will be used later in draw commands as per-shader state hash [[BR]]
— Moved getShaderProgram from Material to Material::ShaderInfo [[BR]]
-— Improved redundant uniform checks [[BR]]
— Improved texture unit changing in case of redundant texture bind case (i.e. skip changing the texture unit) [[BR]]
- Improved float and double comparison functions using algorithms described in [[BR]]
- Added a new utility function, DIVIDE_ASSERT, to more easily bind an assert check with a specific message [[BR]]
- Added missing files from Forward+ renderer’s initial code [[BR]]

267 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Wed 28 May, 2014 11:08:12 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
- Improved texture handling: [[BR]]
— No more texture unbind (except when clearing the frame state) [[BR]]
— Moved texture bind checking to the GL_API class [[BR]]
- Fixed a crash related to vegetation loading due to compiler optimizations [[BR]]
- removed all “releaseMaterial” functions as they are no longer needed [[BR]]

264 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Tue 27 May, 2014 13:04:38 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
- New camera system: [[BR]]
— Stack based (push/pop active camera) [[BR]]
— Per camera frustum [[BR]]
— Per camera projection [[BR]]
— Shadow mapping now uses the new camera system (each light has a shadow camera) [[BR]]
- New terrain, water and vegetation system: [[BR]]
— Direct import of terrain from L3DT both as 8-bit grayscale and 16-bit raw formats [[BR]]
— Multiple alpha maps for texture splatting support [[BR]]
— Per texture detail map support [[BR]]
— Transform feedback based visibility culling for vegetation [[BR]]
— Alpha-map based vegetation placing on terrain [[BR]]
— Water now uses a refraction map instead of alpha blending for better refraction effects [[BR]]
- SceneGraph improvements: [[BR]]
— Better bounding box updates from child to parent [[BR]]
— Better onDraw / postDraw implementation [[BR]]
- Performance improvements: [[BR]]
— Batch 2D rendering tasks together as much as possible[[BR]]
— Improve renderStateBlock hash generation for better sorting [[BR]]
— Move most state related gfx changes from API implementation to the GFXDevice class [[BR]]
— Move viewport stack to the GFXDevice class [[BR]]
— Added various performance counters (frame duration with round-robin query system, draw call count, etc) [[BR]]
— Fixed and improved clip plane management [[BR]]
— Delete client-side texture data after GPU upload [[BR]]
- New features: [[BR]]
— Added callback support to the Task class so that a specific task may call a function in the main thread upon completion [[BR]]
— Added mouse-wheel zoom support to Orbit/ThirdPerson cameras [[BR]]
— Added 2D Texture Array support (e.g. used for terrain textures) [[BR]]

260 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Sat 03 May, 2014 19:33:41 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
- More work on CSM. Reverted back to VSM to allow easier blurring and filtering [[BR]]
- Rewrote FrameBuffer classes to fix MSAA and memory leaks that occurred on resize (double creation of textures) [[BR]]
— Removed FBType. FrameBuffer types depend only on attachment types and if it’s MSAA enabled or not [[BR]]
- Rewrote RenderState classes to be API agnostic [[BR]]
- Bug fixes in math classes [[BR]]
- Changed “resolution change” logic [[BR]]
- Simplified some options in config.xml [[BR]]
- Improved per-light shadow options [[BR]]

259 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Sun 27 Apr, 2014 18:24:52 +0000

- Implemented Exponential Stable Cascaded Shadow Maps for directional lights (still buggy, but basically working) [[BR]]
— CSM settings (resolution, number of splits, etc) are part of the scene render state [[BR]]
- SGN can skip rendering for the current frame if they are not ready (e.g. OnDraw can now return false or materials can fail to bind) [[BR]]
- Frustum class is now using the Plane class [[BR]]
- Removed Math SIMD implementation as the compiler generated code will always be faster and safer [[BR]]
- Added a “STUBBED” macro for outputing to the error stream of important messages (instead of using #pragma message) [[BR]]
- Added “freeze time” logic to pause/resume updates with or without freezing the GUI too [[BR]]
- Added “processGUI” method the every Scene class to separate time-sensitive GUI updates from game logic loop [[BR]]
- GLSL <-> Vertex Buffer bind locations are automatically set for every vertex shader [[BR]]
- Added basic support for compute shaders [[BR]]
- Removed most OS define checks to make porting to a new platform easier [[BR]]
- Texture transparency check per-pixel is now using OpenMP [[BR]]
- Texture samplers can now set a border color for CLAMP_TO_BORDER wrap mode [[BR]]
- Removed “Object” suffix from GFX Classes (pixel buffer, vertex buffer, frame buffer, etc) [[BR]]
- Stop processing scene input when application looses focus [[BR]]
- SceneGraphNode class is now responsible for updating SGNComponents on draw and calling its _node’s OnDraw method [[BR]]
- UBOs can now list all of the active uniforms inside a block with info such as type and offset [[BR]]
- Removed deprecated ‘GLCheck’ macro [[BR]]
- A lot of bug fixes and performance improvements in various places [[BR]]

245 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Tue 11 Feb, 2014 20:44:09 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
- even more performance optimizations [[BR]]

223 Diff Diff k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Thu 09 Jan, 2014 15:55:04 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
- Fixed most compatibility bugs on nVidia [[BR]]
— Removed the use of gl_Color in shaders [[BR]]
— Removed the use of GL_QUADS for VBOs [[BR]]
— Added VAO support to GLIM [[BR]]
— Hacked extension checking with GLEW (used glGetStringi for anisotropy and s3tc) [[BR]]
- Changed grass rendering to triangle strips (but disabled for now) [[BR]]
- Improved Transform class for more robustness [[BR]]
- Fixed transform related crash in SceneGraphNode when deleting a parentTransform [[BR]]
- Removed grandParent support in SceneGraphNode class as it was useless (getParent()->getParent() works just as well) [[BR]]

221 k1ngp1n picture k1ngp1n Wed 08 Jan, 2014 18:50:02 +0000

[Ionut] [[BR]]
- Merged branch “Shadows And Animations” back into trunk [[BR]]
- Added DoxygenGUI project file [[BR]]

  • Buggy *