change to dino mail address for auction cron
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2017-03-10 Markchange to dino mail address for auction cron
2017-02-28 Markissue with offline sending through gearmanClient
2017-02-22 MarkUPDATE to Registration process to include location...
2017-01-18 Marklatest updates requested
2017-01-11 Markdebug sms
2017-01-11 Markdebugging sms
2017-01-11 Markdebug sms issue
2017-01-11 Markerror sms sending on live testing
2017-01-10 Markupdates for removing id and date of birth
2017-01-10 Marklatest changes requested to remove ID number and date...
2016-12-23 Marktesting
2016-12-23 Markclick to refresh error debugging
2016-12-23 Marksms erros on pin reset
2016-12-19 Markdebugging click to refresh on auction
2016-12-19 Markdebug: click to refresh when creating auction
2016-12-12 Marktesting pin reset sms
2016-12-12 Marktesting sms sending
2016-12-12 Marksms functions testing
2016-12-12 Markupdates
2016-11-21 Markuser registration remove company and owner etc
2016-11-01 Markactive company
2016-11-01 Marklatest updates, towns and regions
2016-10-27 Marklatest updates
2016-10-24 Marklatest update
2016-10-14 Markinitial commit