Frequently asked questions

How to sign up?
Please logon to www.bid4cars.com.na and click on "Dealer Sign up" Fill out all your dealership info, Please note that we require the following documents and if you would like to sell on Auction, you will need to be VAT registered.
  •   •  Directors/Owners ID
  •   •  Proof of Business address
  •   •  Business registration Docs
  •   •  Business registration certificate (Dealer stocking certificate)
  •   •  VAT certificate (for Auction sellers)
Please send documents to info@bid4cars.com.na or Contact Charmaine on 021 824 1882 / 3
My Bid4cars Account.
From the Home page www.bid4cars.com.na users will find a big red LOGIN button. Users will need their USERNAME & PIN to enter the Bid4cars website. Users will find multiple options depending on the authorized profile they are registered with, like, AUCTION, MY VALUATIONS & MY SETTINGS.

Once logged in, Registered Users can manage their account by clicking on MY SETTINGS and enjoy any of the following options, as per your profile:
  •   1. Change Pin
  •   2. Edit their Company details
  •   3. Add multiple Users under profile
  •   4. Update User details
It is the responsibility of ALL users to read through the Terms & Conditions before accepting them AND the Site Usage Policy. Bid4cars will store all records in the database.

NB. No Bids can be retracted once a User has placed a Bid, as you are required to confirm your Bid before placing it. If you do not pay for and collect a vehicle you have bid on, Bid4cars reserves the right to remove or suspend your account pending a final decision.
In order to BID on vehicles you need to be logged into Bid4Cars.
All vehicles on Auction and available will be on display. Users will find the BID boxes on the far right of the auction page. If you click on the Bid button above, this will take you to the Bidding page where you will find the full description of the vehicle you have selected. Once you are happy with the vehicle and the next minimum BID price, you need to accept the terms in the BID BOX and click BID NOW at the bottom. You may also AUTOBID on the vehicle you have selected. Fill in your MAXIMUM amount, accept the terms and click BID NOW. SMS & Email notifications will be sent to all active bidders. Bid4Cars will notify all AUTOBID users via SMS and EMAIL on their progress. The system may say your AUTOBID is too LOW, this means another user has already processed a higher AUTOBID than you. If an AUTOBID outbids another AUTOBID, the amounts will change accordingly. When User proceeds with normal BID process, they might be OUTBID immediately if there is an AUTOBID in the system. AUTOBIDS EXAMPLE: Reserve Price set at R50 000, an AUTOBID of R60 000 is placed, First bid for AUTOBID user will be R51 000, and then if another user bids, the system will automatically bid R53 000 until R60 000 is reached. Once R60 000 has been reached, the Autobid user of R60000 would need to AUTOBID again, should USER wish to go further.
ALL users are welcome to click on Contact Us, where you may fill in any query or feedback for Bid4Cars Helpdesk.

Last updated on Friday, 10 February 2016.