Disabled account despite the migration request

21st of December I’ve been notified about exceeding quota.
22nd of December I’ve requested migration to higher plan. In result I’ve received an email confirming my request (“We have received notification that you'd like to migrate your account to our new platform.”)
Until today, my account was not migrated! What even worse, today I got an email saying that my account has been disabled! I’ve requested the migration again today.
It is literally unfair that my account has been disabled despite the migration request!
We have planned some activities during Christmastime requiring access to repositories and tracs, to minify the negative impact on our customers, etc. Now, it is not possible at all!
Could you please enable access to my account and repositories and let me know when my account will be migrated to higer plan?
I’m kindly ask you for quick reaction.
Best regards,
Tomasz Suchanek

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rs on Tue 24 Dec, 2019

Apologies for this. We’ve enabled your account and will perform the migration later in the week.


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