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KeyKeeper picture KeyKeeper on Wed 25 Feb, 2009 11:16:06 +0000

Is it hard to make possible assigning a task/bug to several persons?
I know that even bugzilla doesn’t support it, but in my case it’s required.

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rs on Wed 25 Feb, 2009

It’ll need some refactor on the database, but it should be possible.

Though – need to ask this – why assign to several people ? Is it a big task, or is this under some form of pair programming-ish task ?


KeyKeeper on Thu 26 Feb, 2009

I use Bug tracking system for managing home tasks also. That’s why sometime me and my girlfriend need to be assignee for the same task/bug.

I also met the same problem at work when concrete feature implementer (coder) was not known by project manager. That time PM knew only a group of potential developers... But he was not able to assign the task to group because such functionality was not provided by Bugzilla yet.


rs on Tue 03 Mar, 2009

That’s really interesting :) I’m using the wiki as a notepad for me+girlfriend and we’re using that for sharing some documentation, ideas, etc.

Its pretty interesting how you’re using the bug tracker.

In many ways, having multiple users assigned makes sense. I’ll add a story for it and try to get it out asap.


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