What are Iterations and how do I use them?

Hi! I recently reached xp-dev.com’s site by accident and said “one day, I'm going to need this service”. And so it happened! I’m going to start working on a project involving more developers than just me, so I decided to give it a try with the pletora of services provided here!

I find all the project tracking features really useful, and have already read most of the documentation regarding the use of them. But I am still not sure about what Iterations are and how to use them correctly.

Let me share with you my case for instance. I have a main project, and different clients need different features developed for this project, so I create a story grouping related feautres that a client wants. Inside, I create the different tasks that must be performed, and inside I’ll be logging the different bugs that arrise on each case. With this approach I could just leave the Iteration with a default name and a dummy “hour” value because I am not sure how to use it and it won’t affect my workflow...

Unless I’m missing something, in which case I would really appreciate if someone could share his or her knowledge regarding this matter.

Thank you very much!

A very grateful user.

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rs on Mon 13 Apr, 2009

Hi Frederico! An Iteration is a group of bugs and stories. You can think of it as milestones. If you notice, Iterations have an end (delivery) date and you should be able to say These are the Stories that can be delivered and Bugs that will be fixed by this end date.

For me (when developing this site) I tend to have a couple of Iterations running at any one point:

  1. Maintenance iterations – set of bug fixes, support tickets and small enhancements – these are tasks that need to be done to keep XP-Dev.com running
  2. Major enhancements and features iterations – set of stories that add very new features or enchancements to XP-Dev.com

Do tell if this helps or if you need further clarification


rs on Sun 15 Jun, 2014

We’ve even got some documentation below, which might be useful as well:



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