Direct File Hosting

Posted by rs picture rs on Mon 09 Feb, 2009 09:08:04 +0000

As part of the new release, has a new feature called Direct File Hosting.

In a nutshell it allows you to host a full website on servers directly from a Subversion Repository hosted on .

Full details about Direct File Hosting here

Remember to read the disclaimer first before turning on Direct File Hosting

Release notes on Version 24 have been updated as well.

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rs on Tue 10 Feb, 2009

Thanks all :) I’m not exactly an A* web designer, but it looks OK IMHO :)

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rs on Mon 16 Feb, 2009

Thanks for the link Floris – I’ve added a wiki page that has a list of subversion clients

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rs on Thu 26 Feb, 2009

Should be fine, but do read the disclaimer first


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