Main Platform Outage for 5 Hours on 14th Dec 2014

Posted by rs picture rs on Mon 15 Dec, 2014 03:37:36 +0000

We’ve just recovered from going down for 5 hours from around 10pm GMT on 14th December 2014 till 3am GMT.

At around 10pm GMT, we lost our MySQL database server due to both hard drives failing in our RAID1 array. This corrupted the partition’s filesystem to the point where it would have taken many hours to recover any data. Instead, we have reloaded our database from a nightly backup and will be restoring any missing data from our logs on disk.

Repositories and Trac projects are not affected. However, if you did create a new repository or project in the last 24 hours and do not see it in your account, please do contact us and we will restore it.

This has only affected our main platform – dedi instances are not affected.

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