SSL Certificates Renewed

Posted by rs picture rs on Tue 15 Apr, 2014 15:08:17 +0000

We’ve just renewed our SSL certificates. It so happens that our SSL certificates were due for renewal at the same time that the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL surfaced. These two events are totally unrelated to each other.

Most browsers and Subversion/Git/Mercurial clients will not notice this change. However, there will be some who will. This is normally caused by a misconfigured truststore. The correct way to fix it is to figure out where your client is picking up it’s truststore from and fixing that with the most commonly used CAs.

However, the (not recommended) brute-force solution is just accept your client’s warning about an untrusted certificate. If you really want to do this, then you should ensure that your client is reporting our certificate fingerprint as one of:

SHA1: 1D:A9:BD:BB:25:84:C8:74:62:16:4C:2E:A3:84:33:86:DE:E5:3E:40
MD5: 5A:F2:D7:F8:D7:04:F1:04:4D:3A:9E:84:53:98:03:2E

Please do raise a ticket if you need any assistance.

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