Subversion 1.8 Upgrade

Posted by rs picture rs on Thu 03 Oct, 2013 18:32:40 +0000

We’ve just upgraded all servers to Subversion 1.8.

While we’re doing in-place upgrades of repositories using svnadmin upgrade <repository>, the real benefit of Subverion 1.8 is only realised upon doing a full dump/reload cycle, which should result in much better performance and reduced repository size. We will be doing this dump/reload cycle over the next few weekends (as they are disk I/O intensive), starting with paid users. You shouldn’t notice any outage at all while we’re doing this.

If you do experience any problems, please do raise a ticket.

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faizan.kazi picture

faizan.kazi on Sun 26 Jan, 2014

Have all repositories been upgraded yet?

rs picture

rs on Mon 27 Jan, 2014

Yes, that was done quite a while ago.


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