SSL improvements: locking down on non-SSL traffic

Posted by rs picture rs on Sat 11 Aug, 2012 04:37:02 +0000

A minor, yet significant change was pushed out yesterday: most traffic to our service should now be encrypted over SSL, especially for paid account holders.

We’ve switched all non-repository HTTP traffic over to HTTPS. Repository traffic will be switched over in the next two weeks or so. We will announce this change to all paid account holders as there are some undesired effects for doing this change to local working copies tied to non-SSL URLs.

Free account holders are at the moment stuck with non-SSL traffic for all project and repository access. This is being evaluated and almost certain to change in the coming months.

Do give a shout if you have problems accessing the service by raising a support ticket

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rs on Wed 17 Oct, 2012

@tatoforever we’ve replied to your ticket


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