New Release - 21st April 2012

Posted by rs picture rs on Sat 21 Apr, 2012 14:15:26 +0000

We have just released a new version of The major features are:

Upgrade to Subversion 1.7

All Subversion repositories are now served with the latest version of Subversion. We have upgraded all repositories on the server-side as well.

Upgrade to Trac 0.12

Trac projects are now served using Trac 0.12.

The projects themselves are still being upgraded from version 0.11. We will update this blog post once all projects have upgraded properly. In the meantime if your Trac installation is asking you to “upgrade”, you can do this yourself via your project’s Trac tab. You need to be logged in as the project owner, and you should see an “Upgrade” button.

Edit: All Trac projects have been completely upgraded to Trac 0.12

Multiple Repositories per Project

You can now create multiple repositories for each project. When you visit your project’s Repository tab, it will display a list of repositories created for your project. You can even mix and match repository types as well.

Dedicated instance customers will be upgraded soon. The upgrade period will be coordinated with each individual customer to minimise downtime for them.

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rs on Sat 21 Apr, 2012

There’s a small backlog of “upgrade” actions to do, and your project is in the queue. However, I’ve done it manually and looks OK to me.

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rs on Mon 07 May, 2012

Best to raise a support ticket for those types of issues


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