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Posted by rs picture rs on Sun 05 Apr, 2009 14:41:19 +0000

I’ve mentioned in the past that there will be some revenue generation methods that will be put into and here’s the first one.

It’s a rather popular and simple model – Advertisement supported for Free users and there’s a small charge to get rid of these advertisements. You get upgraded to a Pro account.

To be honest, I’m sure most of you would have predicted that I’d go down this path at some point.

However, the payment to remove the advertisements is really cheap - at only USD $20 a year (with a full 30 day refund policy), will not find a better deal – 1000MB Subversion space, unlimited users/collaborators, unlimited projects and unlimited repositories, along with all the other great features.

You will not only be chipping in for the infrastructure costs, but will be supporting future developments and enhancements for

Just to keep everyone updated on what’s going on behind the scenes – the next generation project tracking is definately underway. Its going to be uber awesome with a ton of features that will make the current look insignificant in comparison!

In between now and releasing the next generation project tracking, I can confirm that there will be one infrastructure update. I’ll blog out the details in a few days time.

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wizecoder picture

wizecoder on Sun 05 Apr, 2009

I understand the need for some revenue but do you think that you could at least change the site format so that nothing gets pushed to the bottom of the page?

But thanks for the awesome hosting anyway.

rs picture

rs on Sun 05 Apr, 2009

eh ? what browser are you using ?

rs picture

rs on Tue 07 Apr, 2009

guys, do go easy on the clicking – it violates adsense ToS and don’t want to be banned from it.

Only click on the ads if you really like what the advertisers are offering

I’ll have a look at the layout issues


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