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Posted by rs picture rs on Mon 09 Feb, 2009 00:30:18 +0000

New release of

Release notes have been posted on our wiki. Click here to view them .

I will elaborate more on the wiki page on the new features including the bug fixes shortly. In the meantime, feel free to have a look through the new site.

Update I do appologise for the site and repositories being down between 9am – 11pm. I did do a full upgrade for all (many, many thousands of) repositories to Subversion 1.5 which will provide better performance improvements, including the ability to get a lot better merge tracking features.

If there are any problems please do raise a new topic in the forums or if it is a private/confidential matter (user logins, etc) do raise a support ticket

Update: Release Notes have been updated!!

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rs on Mon 09 Feb, 2009

Sorry – that was cause I didn’t mark the wiki page as public (doh!).

Done that now. Should be viewable.

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rs on Mon 09 Feb, 2009

Thanks all! :)

Really appreciate the feedback. If there’s anything new that you’d like in terms of features or enchancements. Do put out a note on the forums

Alternatively, just raise a support ticket and I can have a discussion with you about it. If it’s a big improvement, I’ll make it out to be a blog post or chuck it in the forum to get feedback from our community.

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rs on Mon 16 Feb, 2009

Many thanks for the kind words :) There’s more to come!


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