Upcoming Data Center Migration - 10th September 2011

Posted by rs picture rs on Mon 05 Sep, 2011 03:42:42 +0000

We will be moving our servers and equipment between datacenters on 10th September 2011. We are planning on disconnecting all our equipment at around 9am London BST. This will result in the whole of xp-dev.com being down for 10 hours while we transport and re-rack the equipment up in the new datacenter. This may change a little depending on traffic (so far, I can’t find any planned roadworks/distruptions in our journey route). We are planning on being back online at around 7pm London BST.

We will be sending out emails as well as this is quite a long downtime where you won’t be able to access your projects and repositories.

The reason we are doing this is that we are currently running out of capacity in our current datacenter and have just struck a pretty neat deal with our new datacenter providers. We need this capacity to begin rolling out some new products for xp-dev.com, which is just round the corner!

We’ll drop a note once everything is back running and we have completed our initial tests that everything is healthy.

Update: Migration completed

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