Reducing Free Package Quota: 1.5GB to 1GB

Posted by rs picture rs on Wed 25 Mar, 2009 07:34:27 +0000

Some of you may have noticed that the quota for Subversion repositories have been reduced from 1.5GB to 1GB per user. I do realise that this is not ideal, but at a rate of 150+ new users per day, is accelerating at a tremendous pace, and I do need some time to work on the next generation which will have some revenue generation streams implemented.

These streams will be an amazing addition because it will improve the quality of the service here, and will support further development of features to make it the best development and collaboration tool out there. Moreover, it will support the hardware costs to host all repositories. I have mentioned in the past that there will be some revenue generation streams implemented, but there will always be free Subversion hosting, and I will keep my end of the bargain on that.

Current users are not affected in anyway. Your quotas are not changed and there are a number of you out there who do have more than 1.5GB allocated. I will always honour whatever level of subscription that you signed up for, as I do believe that running a business is about honesty, trust and transparency.

If you need more than 1GB, feel free to raise a support ticket and we can discuss your requirements (usually I just need a sentence or two on why you need more than your quota, and most of the time, I just increase it anyway).


So, what has been happening behind the scenes ? A lot actually. I’m in the midst of cleaning up the web framework that’s running this site and implementing a few major changes. Some of the changes are a complete shift in the flow of things (for e.g. each project can have its own look and feel, and to some extent even remove’s branding), whereas other features are pure enhancements (for e.g. performance statistics – velocity/burndown charts, simpler UI, etc).

I don’t have a tentative date on when these will be released as there are a few external factors that are influencing it. Once I get some clarity on these factors, I will post an update on when the new version will be released.

If there are any features you’d like to see in the next version of, do raise a support ticket right now, or just chuck a post into the forums.

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rs on Thu 26 Mar, 2009

Thanks :) There’s more to come along, and I’ll try my very best to get you to use even more!


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