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Posted by rs picture rs on Tue 21 Sep, 2010 05:05:40 +0000

A couple of new features worth mentioning have been released:

Managing Your Own Set of Accounts

In the past, whenever you needed to get a someone else (team members, clients, etc) to collaborate or join on your project, you had to create an account for them from the registration page. This is quite a tedious process as it involved logging out from your current account, submitting the registration form, logging out of the newly created account, logging in back to the original account, and finally, sending out an email to the collaborator with the username and password details.


The latest version of allows everyone (Free and Paid accounts) to create their own set of users under their account, and on top of it, you can even manage and delete them when they are no longer needed – all of this done while keeping the passwords of the newly created accounts private.

You can access this feature by going to your Manage Users tab from your dashboard.

Full details & instructions including screenshots are documented on the Managing Child Accounts page:

Admin Roles

A new permission role has been added to Project Administrators. In a nutshell, project administrators are writers who have additional administrative access, that previously was only granted to the project owner only. Administrators can create/delete repositories, as well as perform any administrative tasks on repositories. Additionally, they can grant/revoke permissions to/from other users on a project.

Full details about the Admin role is documented on our permissions user guide:

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hexagone picture

hexagone on Mon 06 Dec, 2010

Thats will be very helpfull. Appreciate your work.


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